Thursday 31 March 2016

*NEW RESEARCH* Machine learning in Analytics: grasping disruption

GraphicMachine learning as part of the analytics portfolio has hit the topical chatter list in a major way. It has also become a focus for start ups, PE and VC investments, and the object of a growing number of acquisitions. Suppliers of all types are rushing to show off their credentials.

As part of the predictive analytics ecosystem, its rise to prominence is driven by the recognition that better, faster insight into data is necessary to optimise a host of business operations from customer engagement and supply chain optimisation, through to risk management. It is increasingly viewed as a way to gain a competitive edge as businesses become more digital and more data driven.

The latest research from ESASViews explores this complex area in a series of research notes. Part 1, “Machine Learning in Analytics: Grasping its Disruptive Force”, addresses the basics: definition, components, challenges, market positioning, identifies some of the emerging providers and explores why machine learning is one of the waves of disruption suppliers need to surf.  Keep you eyes peeled for Part 2, when we will look at the up and coming suppliers and the analyse the impact on suppliers.

Eligible subscribers can download the report here. Alternatively, you can contact Deb Seth to find about accessing ESASViews and our other research streams. 

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Tuesday 22 March 2016

*NEW RESEARCH* CACI UK: Well known in target niches

CACI logoOn 3rd March we wrote about the acquisition of one of our Little British Battlers - Purple Secure Systems - by CACI Limited, the UK arm of U.S.-headquartered, and NYSE-listed, CACI International (see CACI snaps up LBB Purple Secure).

Following the announcement, we managed to catch up with Jeet Khaira, Managing Director & Executive VP, at CACI Limited. Khaira heads up the UK business' Information and Management Solutions (IMS) division, where Purple now resides. We took the opportunity to get a better grasp on CACI's UK business and gain a better understanding of the future prospects for Purple within the CACI organisation.

TechMarketView subscribers can read our assessment in UKHotViewsExtra (CACI UK: Well known in its target niches). If you are not yet a subscriber and can't wait to get your hands on this latest research, please contact Deb Seth to find out more.

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Friday 18 March 2016

NEW RESEARCH: IndustryViews Venture Capital Q4 2015

The latest edition of IndustryViews Venture Capital, our quarterly round-up of activity in the UK software and IT services venture capital scene, is available for download by subscribers of the TechMarketView Foundation Service.

This issue includes a succinct analysis of the year's key numbers and a compendium of recent UKHotViews funding posts.

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Tuesday 15 March 2016

*NEW RESEARCH* UK Local Government: The 3Ds - Devolution, Data & Digital

The 3Ds - coming togetherSurfing the Waves of Disruption’ is TechMarketView’s theme for 2016. In this latest PublicSectorViews research note, we assert that there are three key local government sector shaping trends; the waves crashing on the UK local government SITS market. They are the ‘Three Ds’: devolution, data and digital.

They are impacting the market simultaneously, creating the perfect storm, disrupting the status quo and altering behaviours. In UK Local Government: The 3Ds - Devolution, Data & Digital, we outline their impact on UK local authorities and the associated opportunities for SITS suppliers, delving deeper into these sector shaping trends.

TechMarketView PublicSectorViews' subscribers can download the report now. If you are not yet a subscriber, you will need to become one to access the report. Please contact Deb Seth to find out how.

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Tuesday 15 March 2016

*NEW RESEARCH*: Digital progress, the Accenture way

LogoThe challenge of understanding the pace of digital transformation is something all suppliers are facing up to, from the largest to the smallest. Dealing with the overall level of disruption it brings is one thing, but the situation is made more difficult because of the need to handle major disruption within the supplier organisation and throughout the customer base, simultaneously.

The latest research note from the ESASViews stream examines movements within the digital transformation area, looking at how the digital appetite is growing and service approaches are adapting, viewed through the lens of Accenture. For Accenture it includes surfing the waves of disruption internally through a dedicated division that needs to make waves within the business as well as within customer’s operations, and championing the ‘minimum viable solution’ approach.

The Digital Transition, Supplier Progress: Accenture research note is part of a series of reports evaluating supplier approaches and providing a lens onto digital transformation progress in the enterprise market.

If you subscribe to ESASViews you can download the latest installment here if not you can contact Deb Seth for subscription details.

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Monday 14 March 2016

**NEW RESEARCH** Disruption in Banking - a European perspective

TechMarketView aims to keep an eye on the European scene to look for insights which might be applicable to the UK market. Last week’s “Future of Retail Banking: Europe” event in Vienna was a good opportunity to see what challenges are facing European Banks, and how they are tackling them. TechMarketView Associate Richard Johnson was there, chairing several of the workstreams, and he provides his analysis in a new report for TechMarketView.

This report highlights that while the European banks are facing the same problems of low interest rates, legacy systems and new competition, they have additional obstacles and different starting points which determine their strategies. But there are clear examples where UK banks, and their SITS suppliers, can learn from the European experience. For example, an Austrian bank has a very successful approach to the deployment of innovation, a Dutch bank is building fintech into its core mobile banking services and a French bank is being successful in building a consistent transformation approach in all its international markets.

A central lesson to be learned is that the banks need to have the right balance between new-style and old-style banking - and to recognise that being an incumbent brings significant advantages that should be the focus of investment and attention.

This report is available to subscribers to FinancialServicesViews here.

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Wednesday 09 March 2016

**NEW RESEARCH** HPE – Benefiting from the Deutsche Bank deal

hpeA year ago, Deutsche Bank and HP announced a ten-year, multi-billion dollar IT infrastructure deal, centred on private cloud, to transform the bank’s cost base and its ability to compete in the rapidly changing financial services sector.

dbNow as part of the newly-formed Hewlett Packard Enterprise, the Financial Services practice is able to leverage the scale, experience and credibility gained through this flagship contract as other major financial services companies look to modernise their IT and delivery capability.

This report updates our earlier study on the Financial Services operation within this, the fifth largest supplier to the UK Financial Services industry. We also discuss how the Deutsche Bank deal provides the company with a competitive edge in the accelerating move to Cloud Services.

This report is available to eligible subscribers, here.

If you don’t yet subscribe to the FinancialServicesViews research stream, please contact Deb Seth of our Client Services team to find out how.

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Wednesday 09 March 2016

**NEW RESEARCH**: Public Sector Opportunities Bulletin - March 2016

Opps Bulletin front coverTechMarketView PublicSectorViews’ subscribers can now download our latest Opportunities Bulletin – Public Sector Opportunities Bulletin: March 2016.

During the course of our everyday research, the PublicSectorViews team often picks up on interesting developments in the UK public sector market that don’t make it into UKHotViews. In particular, we often become aware of interesting opportunities. These developments don’t get ignored; we always use them to form our views within our core research (for example UK Public Sector SITS Market Trends & Forecasts). However, our PublicSectorViews’ Opportunities Bulletin brings you a more frequent update, as a regular feature of our research stream.

Our seventh Opportunities Bulletin looks at opportunities in the central government; health; and local & regional government markets. Fitting neatly with TechMarketView’s 2016 theme—Surfing the Waves of Disruption - all the pieces point to some sort of disruption in the market, whether involving changes to procurement practices; organisations mapping out their digital journeys or getting to grips with the potential of big data & analysis; or others dipping their toes into the ‘Internet of Things’. Often our view is that the potential may extend far beyond this initial, sometimes small, contract.

If you would like to discuss anything within the Bulletin, please don’t hesitate to contact one of the team.  If you are not yet a subscriber, please contact Deb Seth to find out more.

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Monday 07 March 2016

Georgina’s BT Tower Challenge: A big thank you!

BT Tower - arrivingI made it!

Those of you who read UKHotViews last Wednesday (see Georgina’s BT Tower Challenge for GOSH) will know that I had signed up to climb the 1,000 steps of the BT Tower in aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH). As my younger son has been under the care of the hospital’s orthopaedic department for much of his life, it is cause close to my heart.

BT Tower - the resultWell, I attempted the challenge on Saturday and made it... in 11 minutes, 45 seconds! Having been told, “Most people manage it in around 15 minutes”, I was a) pleased to have made it to the top at all, and b) chuffed to have done it in less than 15 minutes.  Some of you may have taken the lift up to the top of the BT Tower for a corporate event. I can confirm, it feels a lot higher up when you take the stairs! I was delighted to find my glass of Prosecco waiting for me at the top.

BT Tower - topAfter we posted about my challenge last week, I was overwhelmed with the generosity of our readers. The donations came thick and fast. Today, the money I have managed to raise – with your help – totals £2434.27; that will make a real difference to the patients and families at GOSH. Just one example: £308 could help pay for a week's stay in GOSH's family accommodation so that parents can stay close by while their child is in hospital. So a big thank you to everyone who has helped raise such a fantastic amount.

If you would still like to donate, my JustGiving page is Now to contemplate my next challenge...

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Wednesday 02 March 2016

Georgina's BT Tower Challenge for GOSH

Thomas at GOSHThis coming Saturday, TechMarketView Director, Georgina O’Toole will be scaling the 1,000 steps of the BT Tower in order to raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) Children’s Charity.

BT Tower ChallengeSome of you will already be aware that Georgina’s younger son, Thomas (pictured), has been under the care of the Orthopedic Department at Great Ormond Street Hospital for much of his life. Georgina has always spoken highly of the hospital for the amazing care it gives, thanks to the fantastic staff and facilities. Now she is looking to raise some money to support the charity and make a difference to other children being treated there.

Georgina has set up a JustGiving page for donations – - so please consider digging as deep as you can to support this very worthy cause. Georgina tells us that she will be motivated by the knowledge that there will be a glass of fizz awaiting her on the 34th floor, but also by the knowledge that she is doing her little bit to help GOSH.

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Wednesday 02 March 2016

NEW RESEARCH: Servelec’s business of two halves

Servelec structureThe benefits of Servelec’s diversified business model are plain to see within its FY15 results (see this week’s UKHotViews). The business is now split roughly 50/50 in revenue terms between the Health & Social Care and Automation divisions - the latter including both Controls, which serves the Oil & Gas and Power & Nuclear sectors, and Technologies, which operates predominantly in the Water, Utilities and Broadcast sectors – but the fortunes of the two halves of the business could not have been more different in FY15.

This week Servelec also announced the acquisition of Synergy, a prominent supplier in Education and Children’s Services software, from Tribal for £20.25m. When combined, Servelec’s social care software, Corelogic, and Synergy enable a single view of the child, facilitating early and coordinated intervention. This has a strong strategic fit with the direction of the market and is a sound move by Servelec as it looks to further strengthen its position in the evolving Converged/Integrated Care market.

In TechMarketView’s latest UKHotViewsExtra research, we look in more detail at the performance of Servelec’s constituent parts in FY15 and consider the outlook for the business going forwards having spoken to CEO Alan Stubbs and CFO Mike Cane.  In the process, we discover Servelec has some capabilities you might not expect in IoT and cyber security and analyse the rationale for the Synergy acquisition in more detail.

Eligible, logged in, TechMarketView subscription clients can access the research from today by clicking here.

If you’ve not yet subscribed to our in-depth research services and you’d like more information on our 2016 subscription packages please email Deborah Seth in our Client Services team.

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Wednesday 02 March 2016

*NEW RESEARCH*: Serco FY15 much better than expected (update)

lSerco was the other major UK BPS player to issue its full year results last week (see Capita predicting slower organic growth (update)). These turned out to be ‘much better than expected’ according to CEO Rupert Soames.

Even though the results were met with a significant boost to Serco’s share price – currently up 20% prior to the results - Serco is nonetheless, in the midst of a long and painful transformation, to become a more stable and focused Business to Government (B2G) services supplier (see Serco smaller but more focused post Private Sector BPO sale).

There is still work to do before Serco is restored to financial health, and further still before there is a return to top line growth.

Subscribers to TechMarketView’s subscription research can read our deep dive analysis of Serco’s FY15 performance and prospects in UKHotViewsExtra here.

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Wednesday 02 March 2016

NEW RESEARCH: No let-up in IPP slowdown

chartPast performance may not be an indicator of future trends, as they say in the classics. But in the case of Indian pure-play (IPP) growth rates it’s hard to draw a different conclusion.

Aggregate trailing 12-month (TTM) headline revenue growth for the Top Six IPPs (TCS, Cognizant, Infosys, Wipro, HCL, Tech Mahindra) closed 2015 with a seventh consecutive quarterly decline, just topping 10% on a year-on-year (yoy) basis and 2% quarter-on-quarter (qoq).

And signals from Indian industry association Nasscom (see Nasscom downgrades forecasts – but still too high), followed days later by downbeat guidance from the usually supercharged Cognizant (see Cognizant sets scene for slow year), suggest that the deceleration is unlikely to reverse any time soon.

It therefore seems almost inevitable that 2016 will mark the first year that aggregate revenue growth for the leading IPPs will break through the 10% barrier—but in the wrong direction!

Subscribers to the TechMarketView Foundation Service can read more, along with our pithy commentary on the performance of the leading IPPs, in the latest edition of OffshoreViews, available for download right here, right now!

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Tuesday 01 March 2016

**NEW RESEARCH** Atos – New FS propositions providing a cutting edge

logoLast year Atos UK looked to leverage its success with the NS&I contract and the IP across the Group by initiating a new long-term growth strategy in the key sector of Financial Services. At the centre of this is the aim of initiating new dialogues with the larger customer organisations around a series of higher value propositions, based on elements of FinTech and incorporating the skillsets of new partners and specialist suppliers. Among the current group of new “incision propositions” is a Digital Customer Experience platform (DCXT) which facilitates an acceleration of the selling and decision-making process, with lower costs and assured regulatory compliance. This and the other propositions in Financial Crime and Compliance Management and Advanced Web Threat Protection are beginning the process of re-positioning Atos into the growth areas of this competitive sector, driving better strategic business relationships with customers and generating higher long-term margins.

Subscribers can read our report on this important step forward by following this link.

If your company does not yet subscribe to our research, please contact Deb Seth of our Client Services team

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