Thursday 28 November 2019

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The TechMarketView team has been as busy as ever over the last couple of weeks. Make sure you haven't missed a must-read...

Public Sector

If you’re active in the UK public sector – or you’d like to be! – make sure you download one of our best-read reports of the year. The UK Public Sector Market Trends & Forecasts Report 2019-2022 from our PublicSectorViews team is 76 pages of opinion-rich analysis. 

Read how the pressures and priorities in the public sector across the six subsectors we track—central government, local government, health, defence, education and police—have shaped the performance of suppliers, how the market will perform between now and 2022, and how suppliers can best position themselves to take advantage of the opportunities that will arise. 

Financial Services

If your interests lie in Financial Services check out these two reports from Jon Davies, who leads our FinancialServicesViews research:

·      Payments Innovation, New Kids on the Block analyses the impact of mobile payments, digital wallets and payment cards and takes a closer look at disruptors CurveStripe and Rapyd.

·      Trade finance emerges as blockchain’s new sweet spot examines how this area of financial services has become a hotspot for the application of distributed ledger technology.

Disruptive tech

ESAS REPORTIf you are more of a techie, don’t miss the two new reports from our TechSectorViews analysts:

Duncan Aitchison’s report Engineering and R&D Services – the next goldrush? considers whether Capgemini’s purchase of Altran signals the start of the next acquisition frenzy by suppliers as they move on from hoovering up creative design agencies to pursue dominance on the Industry 4.0 battlefield.

And in Microsoft & GoogleCloud: Operationalising AI/ML Angela Eager compares and contrasts Microsoft and Google’s respective approaches to AI/ML, analysing what they are doing to help customers bring the technology into widespread operational deployment.

And finally, if your organisation subscribes to any of our research streams, or you are a UKHotViewsPremium subscriber, you can delve into any of these recent UKHotViewsExtra articles by clicking the title link:

HVP logo

·     Google Next: privacy, control and explainability

·     Vodafone and IBM: the benefits of an enduring partnership

·     Google’s Nightingale reignites health data concerns

·     Capita’s transformation programme in practice – Security Watchdog

·     Fujitsu Forum 2019: Human Centric Innovation

·     The use of AI in Legal and Compliance.

Of course if your organisation doesn’t yet subscribe to our in-depth research and you’d like to take advantage of our 2019 subscription packages, contact Deb Seth at, for more details today.

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Thursday 28 November 2019

Google Next: privacy, control and explainability

logoAs you’d expect, the London Google Next event was rich on new products and capabilities but what was notable was the determination to lift the conversation from technology nuts and bolts to strategy and business concerns, which continues the refrain CEO Thomas Kurian has established during his 12 months with the company. 

On the capability front there was plenty on security and data management (with specifics for European customers, plus provision for customers to have more direct control over their data held in the cloud). Infrastructure and application modernisation and cloud migration came with strong hybrid, multi cloud and container flavours, with high profile Anthos playing a staring role. G Suite is set to get smarter with assistive technology such as Smart Compose (e.g. using AI/ML to suggest complete sentences as you type). In the Smart Analytics area Explainable AI was the highlight. More…

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Wednesday 27 November 2019

Bring your new recruits up to speed, fast

TechMarketVIew LogoYou’re shaking up the team. You’re bringing in fresh blood. It’s all part of transforming your organisation to compete effectively in a digitally driven market.

But as you expand the recruitment pool, to capture new capabilities, exceptional talent, and creative ways of thinking, chances are that many of your new recruits will have little or no experience of the UK ICT market.

Whether you are taking on graduates, apprentices or those that have, simply, never worked in UK tech before, you’ll be keen to ensure they understand the market in which they are operating.

Graduate in ICT

That’s where TechMarketView can help. Whether via a face-to-face presentation, a webinar, or a webcast/podcast, TechMarketView’s expert analyst team can provide essential insight into the UK market, the important trends, shifts in procurement, and the competitive landscape. 

If you want to find out more about our employee induction offerings, please contact Deb Seth to find out more.

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Tuesday 26 November 2019

*NEW RESEARCH* Microsoft and Google: Operationalising AI/ML

imageAI/ML adoption rates are rising but with so many organisations still struggling to scale out across processes, workflows and enterprise operations, many endeavors get caught at the discreet and departmental implementation levels. 

The challenge suppliers face is supporting organisations in their move to the next level: the shift to advanced, enterprise scale AI/ML implementations where the technology is widely used across the business. Key to this shift is support for the different types of user communities (from data scientists and data engineers to LoB and domain experts), accessible tools for development and deployment, and self-service enablement. 

In short, operationalising AI/ML is the crux of enabling next level adoption and the subject of the Microsoft and Google Cloud: Operationalising AI/ML report. 

The report examines the AI/ML approaches adopted by Microsoft and Google Cloud (both of whom are formidable forces in this area), how they stack up against each other and what they are doing to help customers bring the technology into widespread operational deployment – e.g. AI/ML automation, MLOps and explainable AI/ML. We anticipate carrying out a similar analysis on Amazon Web Services (AWS) following its December 2019 re:Invent conference.

TechMarketView subscribers can download the report here. If you don’t have access to our services, Deb Seth will be happy to provide the information you need. 

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Tuesday 26 November 2019

*NEW RESEARCH* Payments innovation, New Kids on the Block

Innovation in the payments space has been the catalyst for much of the technology-led transformation of the wider banking industry, and payments still represents the most vibrant segment of the value chain, as far as new technologies are concerned. The payments space is continuing to evolve rapidly off the back of significant disruptive innovation and a focus on the needs of the end user.

PINKOTBIn addition to bringing greater process efficiency, innovative product providers and the advent of new technology have successfully been the facilitators of growth. In recent years, those market segments and territories that have embraced new payments technology have consistently demonstrated the most favourable growth in payments revenues.

The UK and Ireland has been a hotbed for payments innovation in recent years. Some of the most successful and disruptive new players in the global payments space have emerged from these shores. Here we’ve taken a brief look at a few of the major success stories that have been making the headlines recently.

Subscribers to our FinancialServicesViews research programme can download Payments Innovation New Kids on the Block now.

If you are not currently a subscriber and are interested in accessing the research, please contact Deb Seth.

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Sunday 24 November 2019

*NEW RESEARCH* UK Public Sector SITS Market Trends & Forecasts 2019-22

Report Cover ImageThe eagerly awaited 2019 edition of our UK Public Sector Software and IT Services (SITS) Market Trends and Forecasts report is now available. PublicSectorViews subscribers can read TechMarketView’s analysis of how the pressures and priorities in the public sector have shaped the performance of suppliers, how the market will perform between now and 2022, and how suppliers can best position themselves to take advantage of the opportunities that will arise.

Breaking down the data across six of the key areas of the public sector—central government, local government, health, defence, education and police—we reveal the size of the SITS market in each subsector, how these markets will grow (on in some cases, decline), and how technological, societal and political factors will shape the opportunities for suppliers over the next three years.  

For the first time in this report, we have included elements of our new Digital Evolution Model (DEM). TechMarketView’s DEM has been designed to highlight the shift in spending patterns from “Heritage” or legacy software and services, to spend on the “New” transformational technology components (digital, platform and cyber).

Legacy drag, contract disaggregation, IT rationalisation and insourcing, and Brexit uncertainty continued to suppress growth during 2018. It was another challenging year for many of the leading suppliers in the UK public sector SITS market and, in terms of revenue growth, they continue to be outperformed by SMEs. However, these figures can be misleading, often reflecting the decline in Heritage software and services and masking underlying growth in the New digital, platform and cyber technologies. In this report we uncover how quickly spend on New software and services is growing in each subsector.

PublicSectorViews subscribers can download this year's UK Public Sector SITS Market Trends & Forecasts report and the accompanying spreadsheet of all our market forecasts data now.

If you would like to find out if your organisation has a subscription or talk about getting access, please contact Deb Seth to find out more.

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Friday 22 November 2019

*UKHotViewsExtra* Capita’s transformation programme in practice – Security Watchdog

Security WatchdogCapita is now more than 18 months into its transformation programme and this article is the first in a two-part series exploring what that actually looks like in practice ‘on-the-ground’ within the business, using two very different parts of Capita to illustrate how things are changing. 

CapitaThis first case study looks at the changes occurring within one of its lesser known acquisitions - Security Watchdog – a formerly family-run business originally acquired back in 2012. In the second instalment, published later this month we will look at the development of Capita’s new Consulting business and what this might mean for the wider business.

Security Watchdog - A family affair

Security Watchdog specialises in pre-employment screening helping would be employers mitigate the risks associated with new hires through services like background checks and enhanced vetting, both here in the UK and overseas. 

The business was originally established by sister and brother team Susie Thomson and Steve O'Neil alongside their father back in 1998, very much at the vanguard of what is now the pre-employment screening industry. This included developing services such as employee background checks, going on to work with the then Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) to help develop the eBulk software that now drives the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checking system.

O'Neil and Thomson went on to sell out to Capita in 2012 and unusually have opted not to have “taken the money and run” but have stayed and grown their business under its wing with headcount having now grown from just three at the start to 300 people. 

Becoming tech-enabled

Capita’s new strategy includes a focus is on tech-enabled services and this is exemplified in the direction of travel seen at Security Watchdog – what was previously a manual and labour-intensive activity is increasingly becoming a tech-led solution. 

TechMarketView subscribers including UKHotViewsPremium clients can learn more via UKHotViewsExtra (see:Capita’s transformation programme in practice – Security Watchdog)

HV+If you do not already have access to our subscription content and you would like to learn more, please contact Deb Seth for details.

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Thursday 21 November 2019

**NEW RESEARCH** Engineering and R&D Services – the next goldrush?

Capgemini’s announcement of its intention to acquire Engineering and R&D Services (ERDS) market leader Altran (see here) has caused more than a few ripples of surprise amongst its competitors. This €3.6b purchase is undoubtedly a bold move and one that, at first sight, appears to come somewhat out of left field. But how radical a departure is this?Cover

Over the last twenty-five years or so, the ERDS sector has evolved largely in parallel with and in similar ways to the wider SITS market. As industrial enterprises emerge from today’s digital chaos and investment shifts from simple to complex digital transformation, however, so will the focus intensify on the integration of manufacturing, engineering and IT.

For this to happen, barriers to information flows between traditional systems siloes such as ERP, SCM, PLM and CRM must be removed. Vendors will also increasingly need expertise and ecosystems that span both the IT and Operational Technology domains, as well as areas including mechanical engineering, manufacturing engineering, electronics and software engineering. Even for those with an established IT and ERDS pedigrees, this presents a significant challenge to overcome by organic means alone.

Click to download Engineering and R&D Services – the next goldrush? for an analysis of convergent dynamics of SITS and ERDs markets, insights into the broader implications of these trends for the SI community, and perspectives on whether the Altran purchase signals the start of the next acquisition frenzy by suppliers as they race to achieve dominance on the Industry 4.0 battlefield.

If you are an existing subscriber to our ESASViews you’ll know you can access the report by clicking the link above. If you’d like to discuss an extension to your existing subscription or would like details of how to subscribe to TechMarketView, please email Deb Seth.

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Tuesday 19 November 2019

*UKHotViewsExtra* Vodafone & IBM: The benefits of an enduring partnership

Vodafone logoIBM logoTowards the end of the summer, Vodafone Business’ Venture with IBM announced its first venture win with transport provider National Express (see Vodafone/IBM venture on track with National Express). It offered the first major evidence that the venture, which was only launched in the first half of 2019 (see IBM allies with Vodafone for IoT/5G push), was opening doors to contracts that the companies would otherwise have struggled to win on their own.

Shortly after the National Express announcement, we caught up with Greg Hyttenrauch, Director Cloud & Security, Vodafone Business, and Michael Valocchi, General Manager, Vodafone/IBM Venture to learn more detail and understand strategy of the venture.

UKHotViewsPremium logoYou can read our analysis of the prospects for the venture in UKHotViewsExtra - Vodafone & IBM: Benefits of an enduring partnership. If you are would like to access the research, but you are not yet a TechMarketView subscriber, please contact Deb Seth to find out more.

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Monday 18 November 2019

Planning for 2020? Having a kick-off session?

TMV logoWhy not make sure that your whole team is fully versed on the key trends in the UK software and IT services (SITS) marketplace? TechMarketView Research Directors have decades of combined experience analysing the IT market and are perfectly placed to support your strategic planning process. 

The TechMarketView team has been called on to give keynote presentations at numerous software and IT services events over the years. By offering our views on the important market trends and shifts in the competitive landscape, our clients tell us we provide a perfect foundation for discussion and debate. 

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our clients say

"TechMarketView provides us with valuable intelligence and insight, underpinned by a strong grasp of the market landscape and competitors. I respect the fact that they don’t just report what’s happening, but that they have an opinion. We’ve also made good use of a range of their services including a recent presentation by Chief Analyst, Georgina O’Toole, at our strategy away-day. The content and input directly helped to inform our strategy going forwards."Michael Herron, Vice President, CGI UK 

Engagement session

We have called on TechMarketView on numerous occasions to present their external perspective of the market to our internal leadership events. Their in-depth understanding of the market, combined with insightful competitive analysis, provides us with valuable food for thought as we consider Agilisys’ approach to target markets. The TechMarketView team’s ability to translate that insight into advice for Agilisys is second-to-none.”
Andrew Mindenhall, CEO, Agilisys 

TechMarketView has been our go-to partner for their insight into the UK public sector market. Combining the subscription-based research with presentations to the team, as well as ad-hoc requests for information tailored to specific requirements, has been a powerful approach that has delivered real value for our business”.
Martin Spencer, Senior Vice President, NTT Data UK

It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day; an external view helps bring a new perspective. 

So, whether you’re planning your next Sales & Marketing conference, a Strategy Planning Day, or an Executive Committee meeting, get in touch with Deb Seth at TechMarketView to find out how you can benefit from TechMarketView contributing our valuable analyst insight.

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Tuesday 12 November 2019

*UKHotViewsExtra* Google’s Nightingale reignites health data concerns

Google logoBack in July 2019 Alphabet held its Q2 earnings call, in which it mentioned Google Cloud’s AI and machine learning solutions were helping healthcare organisations like Ascension improve the healthcare experience and outcomes. Yesterday (11 November 2019), its relationship with Ascension, a US-based non-profit Catholic health system, hit the headlines when the scale of the data sharing partnership was revealed by The Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

UKHotViewsPremium logoThe WSJ reported Google has been granted access to data that comprises lab results, doctor diagnoses and hospitalisation records, as well as patient names and dates of birth. The solutions that Google is working on are in early testing phase and not yet in active clinical deployment—the project name for the work is “Nightingale”.

TechMarketView subscribers including UKHotViewsPremium clients can learn more this project, the work Google Health is conducting in the UK and the importance of ethics, transparency and data protection in healthcare technology innovation via our UKHotViewsExtra summary here

If you do not already have access to our subscription content and you would like to learn more, please contact Deb Seth for

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Friday 08 November 2019

*UKHotViewsExtra* Fujitsu Forum: Human Centric Innovation

fujAt Fujitsu Forum this week (which was attended by several thousand customers and partners), the theme introduced by President Takahito Tokita was: Human Centric Innovation: Driving a Trusted Future. The message was that people must be put at the very heart of the process to create a successful digital future. Furthermore, by taking a Human Centric approach (whereby business and social value is created by empowering people with technology and data), organisations will be better able to develop deeper levels of trust with customers/citizens, partners, and employees. Trust, Fujitsupaul argues, is crucial as individuals and organisations continue to evolve the way in which they interact and improve data flows both inside and outside of the organisation.

The Human Centric message differentiates Fujitsu and also underlines the importance of having a clear vision for what a digitally transformed organisation looks like - and why. Digital change must be driven by a business challenge/objective or a citizen/customer need. Simply ‘upgrading’ technology without a clear business goal or broader digital strategy in place risks creating an investment-based, rather than a value-based, undertaking. In this context, the key success indicator becomes cost-reduction, which should not be the sole purpose of digitisation. MORE....

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Wednesday 06 November 2019

Check out the latest TechMarketView research

The excitement of Halloween, bonfire night and a looming election haven’t slowed the TechMarketView team down at all over the last few weeks. Check out highlights from our latest research below and make sure you haven’t missed a must-read:

FSV reportJon Davies examines the use of blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) within the financial services industry in his popular report Trade finance emerges as blockchain's new sweet spot. “Today, the global trade finance market has emerged as one of best proven and most widely adopted environments for the application of blockchain technology within financial services,” Davies writes. FinancialServicesViews subscribers can read the full report here

Subscribers to the Foundation Service and UKHotViews Premium - our service of individuals - can download the latest quarterly editions of two IndustryViews reports for analysis of Corporate Activity and the performance of the Quoted Sector in Q3: 

·      The first report reveals M&A activity in Q3 was at a lower level than the previous quarter with UK buyers undertaking the lowest number of transactions since Q1 2018. See the full report for the detailed analysis. 

·      The second report examines the mixed fortunes of UK tech stocks in Q3 as international trade tensions and talk of a global slowdown weighed on shares. The FTSE SCS index, a proxy for UK listed software and IT services companies, was the worst performer in the UK tech sector with a 17% fall. Read the full report to identify the ‘rising stars’ and ‘blazing comets’.

In addition, highlights from our UKHotViewsExtra coverage (accessible to all corporate subscribers and our growing band of UKHotViews Premium clients) include:

·      Marc Hardwick’s analysis of The use of AI in Legal and Compliance in conversation with Luis Parra, Head of Conduent Legal, Compliance, & Analytics Solutions, Europe.

·      Analysis of disruptive UK startup, Trad3r, as Jon Davies meets the company’s charismatic young founder and CEO, Gianni O’Connor. O’Connor has successfully raised around £1.2m in new funding and is on a mission to broaden the appeal of trading to a wider audience by gamifying the stock market experience. Read more in O’Connor and Trad3r look to change the rules.

·      And TechMarketView Chairman, Richard Holway MBE’s much anticipated analysis of Share Indices for October. Read why, when it comes to the future, even Richard admits “I haven’t really got a clue” here.

If you’re frustrated by your inability to access the in-depth TechMarketView research and analysis above, plus many hundreds more reports and articles, what are you waiting for? Contact Deb Seth for corporate subscription details or sign up to UKHotViews Premium here.

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Wednesday 06 November 2019

Shortlist announced for the Capita Future of Workplace Learning partnering event

logoWe are delighted to announce the names of the six UK tech companies that have been shortlisted by Capita Scaling Partner, the start-up development unit of UK business services leader Capita plc, for their Future of Workplace Learning initiative in association with the TechMarketView Innovation Partner Programme.

They are:

  • Digital Innovation & Growth
  • Emoquo
  • HowNow
  • Learnsmarter Apps
  • Obrizum Group
  • Ocasta Studios

Their founders will be pitching at Capita’s London headquarters today to a team from Capita Scaling Partner and TechMarketView to discuss their business plans and aspirations in order to assess their suitability as potential partners for Capita.

Many congratulations to all of them.

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Tuesday 05 November 2019

*UKHotViewsExtra* The use of AI in Legal and Compliance

ConduentBack in May TechMarketView in conjunction with Conduent, the business process services firm, hosted a LawTech networking event focusing on the adoption of new advanced technologies within the legal sector. Luis Parra

One of the major themes of discussion at the event was the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in legal and compliance work in areas such as eDiscovery. By way of a follow up to the event we caught up recently with Luis Parra, Head of Conduent Legal, Compliance, & Analytics Solutions, Europe, to discuss the impact that advanced technologies are having on the legal and compliance market. 

Luis has over 15 years’ experience delivering solutions on legal, risk and compliance related issues for clients globally. 

TechMarketView subscribers including UKHotViewsPremium clients can learn more via UKHotViewsExtra (see: The use of AI in Legal and Compliance)

UKHotViews PremiumIf you do not already have access to our subscription content and you would like to learn more, please contact Deb Seth for details.

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Friday 01 November 2019

Share Indices in October 19

Each month you think life can’t get anymore unpredictable and then it does. Maybe it was apt that the UK was meant to be leaving the EU on Halloween. But now we will know the result of upcoming General Election early on Friday 13th Dec 19! Let’s face it the omens are not good!

They don’t seem much better on the global scene with President Trump facing impeachment, an on-off-on-off trade war with China, a far from clear policy in the Middle East and Germany facing recession.

Can it get any worse?

Not that you would really glean any of this turmoil from the stock markets where US markets have all hit record highs. NASDAQ rose another 3.8% to a massive 25% gain YTD. The 2.2% fall in the FTSE100 was, in some respects, ‘good news’ as it reflected the strengthening in the £ in Oct 19. Most FTSE100 constituents make most of their revenues outside the UK so translating these earning back into sterling can affect results significantly.

The FTSE Fixed Line Telecomm Index was up 13.6% in Oct (still down 12.2% YTD) This was pretty much entirely down to BT.

HVPThe FTSE SCS Index, which most closely tracks the UK quoted software and IT services companies that we follow, rose 5.2% in Oct (thus beating the rise in the NASDAQ) - 17.5% YTD. The two biggest risers were both down to takeover bids.

For the full, detailed Review of Share Price Performance in October 19, See HotViews Extra. Exclusively only available to TechMarketView’s paying subscribers including HotView Premium subscribers. For more details of how to become a subscriber see How to become a HotViews Premium Subscriber. Or Signup here.

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