Monday 29 April 2024

*NEW PODCAST* Totally Sust #3: Using AI to better understand climate policy data

Totally Sust #3 thumbnailIn the latest episode in TechMarketView's series of Totally Sust podcasts, SustainabilityViews’ lead analyst, Craig Wentworth, interviews Henry Franks (Chief Technology Officer at Climate Policy Radar) about how they're using AI to extract value and meaning from 100,000s pages of climate regulations and data the world over—and what uses this insight is being put to (and by whom).

The discussion ranges around the issues of having data locked up in PDFs (in multiple languages), the tools required to provide interoperability across myriad sources, and how (and why) Climate Policy Radar makes its data, analyses and platform available for others to use and build on.

An edited (12-minute) version of the podcast is available to stream for free now on SoundCloud and Spotify (or you can play it in the widget below).

Subscribers to our SustainabilityViews research stream, however, can get access to the full 30-minute episode.

To understand more about how our new SustainabilityViews research stream can help your organisation understand its sustainability obligations, obstacles, and opportunities, please contact Deb Seth.

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Thursday 25 April 2024

View from the Chief Analyst: CMA & the perceived power of GAMMAN

Photo of Georgina O'ToolOn 11th April, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) published a paper updating on its work reviewing the impact of AI Foundational Models on competition and consumer protection.

It has only been six months since it had published its previous paper. Yet, such is the nature of the market, that in that time, a range of developments have altered the shape of the Foundational Model ecosystem. And the CMA is worried that the GAMMAN companies – namely Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Meta, Apple, and Nvidia - have both the increasing ability and the incentive to shape the market in their own interests.

In this latest ‘View from the Chief Analyst’, Georgina O’Toole, considers whether the CMA is justified in its view of the GAMMAN companies and the potential for their behaviours to negatively impact competition in the Foundation Models market. She also looks at what evidence there is of damaging behaviour to date. And finally, she considers whether, if the CMA decides to pursue enforcement action against the GAMMAN contingent, it really has the teeth to enact change.

Simon Baxter - photo headshotIn answering these questions, Georgina also obtains fascinating insight – in ‘A Conversation With…’ - from TechMarketView’s Principal Analyst, Simon Baxter, during which she explores a range of topics including; fears of hyperscaler dominance, market consolidation of AI foundation models, and the competition amongst suppliers across the AI ecosystem.

TechMarketView subscribers can read this View from the Chief Analyst in UKHotViewsExtra now. If you are not yet a subscriber - or are unsure whether your organisation has a corporate subscription, please contact Deb Seth to find out more. 

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Friday 12 April 2024

Tech buyer research: Driving SMB productivity through modernisation

In this piece of research by Kate Hanaghan, Chief Research Officer, profiles SMB (small and mediumkate sized businesses) buyers to understand the scope of their tech investments to accelerate digital progression, and the potential impact on productivity growth.

SMB Productivity: Driving value through modernisation explains that productivity growth is a challenge for firms of all sizes – and has been for some time. Implementing the right technologies in the right way can help, but SMBs face their own set of very specific challenges. They don’t always have dedicated IT expertise, meaning they can be late to adopt – and benefit from – technological advancements. Additionally, it’s difficult for smaller organisations to engage directly with large technology vendors, and a direct partnership between the two is often just too impractical (given the large number of SMBs in the market, their typically small budgets, and the go-to-market model of the large vendors).

This is where the channel (the ecosystem that enables the supply of products and services from large vendors via distributors and resellers to buyers) becomes an essential piece of the jigsaw. Through Value Added Resellers (VARs) and Managed Service Providers (MSPs), the UK’s SMB community is not only gaining access to new technology (for example cloud-based services and smart workplaces), but it is finding ways to improve productivity levels.smb

A big THANK YOU to the organisations that gave up their time to take part in this research:

The tech providers in this report are all SMBs themselves (Excenta, Croft Communications, inTEC, Digital Origin, KSM Telecom), and when SMBs work with SMBs, the whole local economy benefits. Furthermore, if local firms – such as those in legal and construction – can sufficiently digitise, this in turn improves the range and quality of services they are able to provide, which in turn also benefits the local community.

Read the report: SMB Productivity: Driving value through modernisation.

Contact Deb Seth if you would like to join TechMarketView or find out if your organisation already has access to our research and services.

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Wednesday 10 April 2024

*NEW RESEARCH* Public Sector Supplier Prospects 2024 and Beyond

PSV Prospects Report Cover ImageTechMarketView's Public Sector Software and IT Services (SITS) Supplier Prospects 2024 report is now available.

In this publication we look at the Top 20 suppliers in the UK public sector SITS market based on their 2022 performance. We review their progress over 2023 and assess what they need to do to maximise their potential in 2024 and beyond.

Suppliers profiled in this report:

Accenture • Amazon Web Services • Atos • BAE Systems • BT Group • Capgemini • Capita • CGI • Civica • Deloitte • DXC Technology • Fujitsu • IBM • Leidos • Maximus • Microsoft • Oracle • OSUK  • Serco • Sopra Steria

This report should be read alongside our UK Public Sector Software and IT Services (SITS) Suppliers, Trends & Forecasts 2023-2026 report; UK Public Sector Predictions 2024, and individual subsector reports on the Central Government, Defence, Health, Local & Regional Government, Police, and Education SITS markets.

If you are an existing PublicSectorViews subscriber, you can read the report now. If you’d like to discuss an extension to your existing subscription or would like details of how to subscribe to TechMarketView, please email Deb Seth.

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Wednesday 03 April 2024

Don’t miss the latest TechMarketView research!

Whether you are looking for insight on the implications of the state of the UK economy or Spring Budget for the tech sector, or trying to understand what exactly Quantum computing is and whether you need to worry about it yet, our latest research is essential reading for an April morning!

Make sure you don’t miss our most popular latest research.

Featured in UKHotViewsExtra – available to all subscription clients including individual UKHotViews Premium subscribers – we have:

TMV BrochureInflation hiccup barely registers as tech stocks top their 2021 peak

Spring Budget: Takeaways for the tech sector

Spring Budget 2024: Challenging productivity goals

Further AI investments in Spring budget

Re-use and re-imagination—Netcompany’s Public Sector growth

Oracle promises AI with everything, plus help to make the most of it

Atos FY23: Uncertainty on multiple fronts

Datum: Quietly gaining ground

And March highlights from our focused streams of research include:

Quantum acceleration is on the horizon - Quantum computing and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are going to be two of the most disruptive fields of technological innovation over the next decade. Yet many organisations are underestimating and unprepared for the potential gains quantum computing...

The UK Customer Experience Market 2023-2026 - The UK CX Software and IT Services arena is now the focus for over a fifth of all SITS expenditure in this country and has become one of the most intensely competitive parts of the market. Success in the CX segment demands keeping pace with the rapidly evolving changes in buyer expectations, investment priorities and technology strategies...

Velo’s ESG journey with Sage Earth – a carbon accounting case study - A case study from our new SustainabilityViews research stream, this report looks at how B2B marketing specialists Velo has used the Sage Earth spend-based decarbonisation tool, not only to accelerate its own net zero ambitions, but also influence the behaviour of its clients and peers through greater transparency...

Logged in subscribers can click the links above to be taken directly to the reports.

As always, if you’d like details of our various subscription packages, or to enquire about adding a stream of research to your current subscription, just drop us an email to

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Tuesday 02 April 2024

*UKHotViewExtra* Datum data centres quietly gaining ground

datumFarnborough-headquartered, Datum, is a small but very nicely formed data centre provider. With sites at both the Cody Technology Park in Farnborough and in Manchester (close to the Enterprise zone), the firm has a very impressive set of blue-chip clients. Around 75% of Datum’s revenue comes from Enterprise customers, with a very nice spread of FTSE 100, FTSE 250, and Fortune 500 companies in its client portfolio.

We’ve been tracking Datum for many years. In 2021, Datum was acquired by UBS Asset Management Real Estate & Private Markets - funded by shareholder debt rather than equity. Datum was originally part of the same Darwin-backed Group as Attenda, which was sold to Ensono in 2016. Darwin remained a key investor in Datum – alongside other private individuals. At the time, UBS said it wanted to expand the site andhvp “develop the successful business into a broader platform”. And about a year later (September 2022), Datum acted and acquired Manchester-headquartered, Teledata, giving it an important regional presence in the North-West. Furthermore, the firm has been granted planning permission for the development of a new data centre building on what is currently unused space next to the existing Farnborough facility.

I recently took a tour of the firm’s data centre in Farnborough, hosted by CEO, Dominic Phillips and CFO, Mark Richards. The first thing you notice is the level of security – both onto the park and then into the data centre itself. Nobody’s getting in there that shouldn’t be in there!

TechMarketView clients, and UKHotViewsExtra subscribers, can read the piece by Chief Research Officer, Kate Hanaghan, HERE.

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