Wednesday 20 January 2021

Reset and Reimagine: Predictions Compendium 2021

2020 was a year that turned our lives upside down, but 2021 (all 20 days of it) is offering hope. As the UK continuescov to live through a gruelling and essential lockdown, TechMarketView’s Predictions for tech and market trends seek to explain what could be on the horizon and how we can all leverage these for the best.

We explore topics such as how COVID has impacted the Digital Chaos experienced by so many organisations, and which specific tech trends will emerge. Life will of course look very different for office workers and customers in the months to come, but what approach should organisations take to ensure safety and success?

Sector by sector, the pathways vary. In Public Sector, for example, we can expect to see step changes in operating models. And in Financial Services, COVID has added significant impetus to the transformation agenda, meaning TechMarketView’s “Reset & Reimagine” research theme is an extremely apt choice this year.

TechMarketView’s ‘compendium’ of Predictions brings together our analysis across Public Sector, the Financial Services sector and the market more broadly. It is accessible to every TechMarketView subscriber.

Read it here: Predictions Compendium 2021.
For more information about becoming a TechMarketView client, please contact Deb Seth.

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Monday 18 January 2021

Geoff Shingles CBE

ShinglesI am saddened to report that Geoff Shingles CBE died aged 81 on 14TH Jan 21.

Geoff was one of the pivotal people in the UK IT sector in its early days but went on to assist many other UK tech companies until very recently.

He started in the early 1960s as an apprentice at the Mullard Radio Valve Company before moving in 1963 to Elliott Brothers working on an early ‘shoe box’ computer.

But it was his time at DEC (I was always rebuked for calling them DEC as founder Ken Olsen had insisted they be referred to as the Digital Equipment Corporation) where he is best remembered by me and many others. He joined DEC in 1965 as employee #4 in the UK. After just 3 years, Geoff was appointed UK MD.

The DEC PDP-11 and, later, the DEC VAX, were the first real distributed or mini computers rivalling the mainframe power of IBM and ‘the BUNCH’. These computers were hugely influential in bringing the benefits of computing to businesses of all sizes.  DEC pioneered the OEM market whereby software providers produced solutions which were then sold as ‘turnkey’ systems to users.

That’s where I really became involved with DEC and Geoff when I was at Hoskyns. When I told Geoff Unwin, CEO of Hoskyns and latterly Capgemini, the news he said ‘Geoff’s passing is very sad, he was extremely personable and straightforward to do business with. In Hoskyns at the time we saw the power of the DEC mini-computers and their cost effectiveness. ... It became an era of explosive growth, and Geoff did a phenomenal job of holding on to this tiger and encouraging a new breed of OEMs to accelerate ever more applications and hence growth. One of THE characters of those pioneering times.”

Shingles stayed and progressed with DEC extending his responsibilities outside of the UK to Northern Europe. He left after nearly 30 years with DEC in 1993.

But this was just the beginning of Geoff’s contribution to the UK tech sector. In 1994 he joined Imagination Technologies –becoming Chairman in 1995 – and served until 2015. CEO Sir Hussein Yassie said “Geoff was very much one of the key UK pioneers in global tech. Geoff was a very wise and supportive pillar for me in my efforts to develop and grow the company from very small beginnings to a global tech powerhouse supplying billions of technology products to leading global brands and iconic devices. That journey was a tough but amazing period which also made us very close friends. He totally shared my views of wanting the UK to have its rightful place on the world technology stage.”

On a personal note, I’ve spent all my career trying to support that aim.

Geoff was the Senior NED at Interregnum from 1994-2006 where he supported Sir Kenneth Olisa who said. ‘I was deeply honoured that a founding father of the UK IT industry was prepared to invest his skills and reputation - and characteristically pithy wit - to support me to build a company from the ground up. They don’t make them like Geoff anymore.

Geoff loved working with start-ups. In many he invested alongside Mel Morris (best known for his backing of King the creators of Candy Crush) in many businesses– like Prevx and uDate -over almost 30 years. Mel said, “He had vast experience and an incredible talent for focussing on what REALLY was important. He had a presence that oozed integrity and stature and earned instant respect. A truly humble giant of a man in every way

In an interview with Archives of IT, Geoff said that his major achievement was ‘making no enemies’. Indeed, in the emails I have received since his death became known, Geoff was universally liked and admired. One of many emails was from Alan Laing, MD IFS.  ‘Geoff was a legend of our industry as well as being a gent and all-round lovely guy. He inspired so many people. Me especially as he was my first boss in IT’.

On a more personal basis, Geoff put this down to ‘surrounding himself with others he believed were smarter than him’. I have often quoted that myself and am still amazed at how few so-called managers don’t adopt that same principle.

Our condolences to Geoff’s wife Frances, his children Emma, James and Jonny and many grandchildren.

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Monday 18 January 2021


logologoTechMarketView is helping InterSystems, one of the world’s most trusted data management platform providers, find Fintech partners in the UK and Republic of Ireland.

InterSystems is looking to expand its partner community in the UK and ROI to offer reliable, innovative and scalable data technology solutions to the financial services industry and position itself as an innovator and disruptor within the Financial Services sector.

Apply today for an incredible opportunity to work with InterSystems to take your solutions and services into financial services institutions that might otherwise be out of your reach.

Virtual pitch sessions

We will be running virtual pitch sessions during week beginning 15th March 2021 to identify companies that are the best fit for a strategic partnership with InterSystems.

Your company

You must be an established solutions provider to the financial services sector headquartered in the UK or the Republic of Ireland, ideally serving international markets.

Partnership options

  • Applications Solutions Partners:  Independent software vendors that can sell applications or solutions built with InterSystems technology to financial services organisations.
  • Technology Alliance Partners:  Hybrid cloud professional and managed service organisations that can deliver a solution to financial services customers based on InterSystems technology.

Why partner with InterSystems?

  • Market access: InterSystems has an enviable client base including the world’s leading financial institutions as well as major healthcare providers and government institutions.
  • Business growth: InterSystems will help you build your pipeline, using its global scale to open up opportunities for your business with large clients.
  • Partner ecosystem: Over 1,200 partner organisations already work with InterSystems creating value together not just for a few years, but for decades.
  • Partner accreditation: The InterSystems partner program provides partners the opportunity to differentiate their offerings to win market recognition, customer trust and loyalty.
  • Proven technology: InterSystems IRIS makes it easier to build high-performance, machine learning-enabled applications that connect data and application silos.
  • Cloud first: InterSystems IRIS is a complete, cloud-first, unified data platform that enables organizations to rapidly develop, deploy, and maintain real-time, data-rich solutions.

How to apply

Application form:

Applications close on Friday 12th February 2021

Further information is available on the TechMarketView website HERE or contact TechMarketView Managing Partner Anthony Miller

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Friday 15 January 2021

*NEW RESEARCH* ECS acquisition by GlobalLogic oozes logic

In November, it was announced that London headquartered, ECS, had been acquired by US player, GlobalLogic.

We can see why GlobalLogic was attracted to ECS, which gives it a great entry point into the UK market. ECS has numerous FTSE 100 customers, in Financial Services and other highly regulated sectors. ECS has built a track record as an Amazon Web Services partner and is a certified Advanced Consulting Partner, Managed Services Partner, and one of only three EMEA Amazon Connect Service Delivery Partners. It is also one of a small number of UK-headquartered businesses to be awarded the DevOps competency partner status by AWS.

It is of course not the only AWS partner to have been scooped up by a larger player in recent times. For example, we've seen Cognizant acquire Contino (which was most latterly backed by Columbia Capital) and Inawisdom (the Ipswich-based artificial intelligence and data analytics consultancy).

As ever, the risk with acquisitions is that the people so critical to the success of the business jump ship in due course. Or, that the IP that is acquired is not leveraged in a way that means the acquirer fully capitalises upon it.

Given where ECS and GlobalLogic are in their own evolution, the transaction makes good sense. This research note, available for TechMarketView clients only, takes a look at some of the implications of the acquisition for both the companies and their customers.

Download the report here: ECS acquisition by GlobalLogic oozes logic.

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Wednesday 13 January 2021

*UKHotViewsExtra* New UK Government Central Digital & Data Office

Often, digital-related announcements in Government have left me unexcited and unconvinced that anything will change. Yesterday’s announcement by Alex Chisholm, COO for the Civil Service and Permanent Secretary for the Cabinet Office, feels different.

UKHotViews Premium logoThe big news is the establishment of the Central Digital and Data Office (CDDO) for Government – a new strategic centre for Digital, Data and Technology (DDaT), which will be launched in early February, with significant appointments supporting its creation.

TechMarketView subscribers – including UKHotViewsPremium clients – can read our reaction to the announcements in UKHotViewsExtra: New Government Central Digital & Data Office. If you are not yet a subscriber and would like to find out what we have to say, please contact Deb Seth to enquire about access.

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Monday 11 January 2021

Have you got your copy of TechMarketView's supplier rankings report?

Have you read TechMarketView's recently published supplier rankings report? suppDon’t miss out on finding out who ranks where in our Top 60 and delving into the supplier profiles of the Top 30 players. The rankings reflect the changes in the market, and in particular how the long-standing suppliers are managing the swing from heritage Software and IT/Business Process Services to new propositions.

Top 20 ranking tables are also provided for key horizontal market areas as defined by TechMarketView’s Digital Evolution Model (DEM): Enterprise Software, Consulting, Solutions, and Operations (across Business Process, Applications and Infrastructure) giving readers unparalleled depth and breadth of analysis.

The much anticipated, and highly comprehensive, Supplier Rankings report is available for our Foundation Service clients here: UK SITS Supplier Rankings 2020.

If you are not a client of the Foundation Service, or indeed of TechMarketView, contact today to find out how to get your copy.

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