Wednesday 26 September 2018

*NEW RESEARCH* Financial Services SITS Market Trends and Forecasts to 2021


The Financial Services sector is at a critical point in its journey to “digital” as incumbent providers seek to accelerate their transformation in order to face a more competitive future. Companies will be relying upon their Software and IT Services Suppliers for a wider range of skills and support as they introduce changes to their organisations, technology and customer relationships which are deeper and more far-reaching than ever before.

Also, incumbents stand at an inflection point as regards penetration of Cloud Services. Having built some confidence in the value of Cloud and their ability to organise around it, the rate of adoption can only accelerate. This will also drive the faster implementation of innovation and the wide-spread use of analytics and artificial intelligence.

Despite this surge in activity, we at TechMarketView predict only a small annual increase in the UK market size, just 2.3% over the next four years, much slower than in most of the past decade. To succeed in this environment, suppliers need access to senior decision makers in the customer organisations, real capability and clarity in the areas of cloud, analytics and automation as well as access to a wide range of partnerships, particularly with FinTechs and domain experts.

Financial Services SITS Market Trends and Forecasts to 2021” explains the most important drivers of technology demand in this dynamic sector. It also identifies opportunities for suppliers to build sustainable value as the sector accelerates its transformation and adopts a range of technologies that will significantly disrupt financial markets, cost bases and return on investment.

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