Friday 26 October 2018

*UKHOTVIEWS EXTRA* DXC Technologies: A Tale of Two Strategies

You can blame South Western Railway for the fact that I'm writing about this event. It should have been two of our far more qualified Research Directors who really understand all this stuff. Unfortunately, their plans to attend Wednesday's briefing were thwarted, being as they live along various points of the strike-ridden (and signal failure-prone) line.

LOGOThe gig I found myself unexpectedly attending (as I live in Ealing, and the Piccadilly line was working fine) was the London Analyst Event held by DXC Technologies, the love-child born of the coupling between various bits of industry stalwarts HPE and CSC.

But here's the thing. If you want to read my musings on the event, you'll need to be a subscriber to any of our research streams or our UKHotViews Premium service. The cognoscenti can click here; everyone else must remain in blissful ignorance.

Posted by Anthony Miller at '07:00'