Friday 14 December 2018

*NEW RESEARCH* Security, Networking and Cloud Predictions 2019

Security, Networking and Cloud Predictions 2019TechMarketView’s 2019 research theme – the Year of the Relationship – exemplifies how important it is for suppliers to reassure enterprise buyers that somebody has got their back in protecting their systems against external malware attacks and internal incidents of unauthorised access.

Deeper cross-supplier relationships too will become more important in 2019. All will have to be more flexible in partnering rivals and cloud service providers (CSPs) that need to show IT departments their assets are safe with them for example, while building greater levels of integration and automation into their respective products and services.Security, Networking and Cloud Predictions 2019

Our Security, Networking and Cloud Predictions 2019 report highlights some of the key market trends we expect to hold sway next year:

Partnerships and coopetition define SMB/SME/enterprise cyber security provision

We expect to see more cyber security suppliers hedging their bets when it comes to targeting certain sectors of the UK enterprise market.

Trust key point of cloud provider differentiation

Closer collaboration between cyber security suppliers and cloud service providers (CSPs) to reassure nervous IT departments that sensitive commercial and customer data and applications can be made safe in both on and off-premise infrastructure will become much more important in 2019.

Cyber threats continue to proliferate

The one certainty in an uncertain world – suppliers will be called upon to mitigate more attacks orchestrated by cyber criminals, state sponsored hackers and malicious insiders.

Edge computing takes IoT and AI strain

Rapid IoT growth and greater use of AI will accelerate a move to edge computing architectures that store and process information closer to connected devices rather than cloud data centres.

GDPR fines and new regulation accentuate compliance efforts

A big, high profile fine for a data breach will nudge many IT departments into establishing regular GDPR auditing and assessment policies.

New wireless networks drive LAN upgrades

New 802.11ax WiFi and 5G network technology gives network managers a reason to re-evaluate their existing LAN provision, creating significant opportunity for suppliers with appropriate infrastructure and implementation expertise.

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