Monday 28 January 2019

*NEW RESEARCH* Enterprise Software Supplier Prospects 2019 and Beyond

imageEnterprise Software suppliers have a lot to work with during 2019 and beyond but it will take grit and determination to find and seize the opportunities. Focusing on the quality of partnerships and proactively helping enterprises with the practicalities of digital transformation are the factors that will position suppliers for success.

The Enterprise Software Supplier Prospects 2019 and Beyond report identifies the challenges facing software suppliers, how they can best respond to them, and the things they should be doing to thrive in the long term. It also includes profiles of the top 10 enterprise software suppliers to the UK, making it essential reading for software and services suppliers operating in the UK market.

The market is being reshaped by a complex set of factors, growth remains low level and there is a gap between expectation and reality around digital-enabling areas like AI/machine learning. But there are real opportunities for suppliers to help enterprises narrow those gaps and contribute materially to the ‘how’ of digital transformation, especially now that digital change is reaching deeper into business operations. However, it presupposes suppliers and buyers have a level of digital readiness - comfort bubbles need to be broken on both sides.

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