Wednesday 08 May 2019

*UK HotVIewsExtra* Ensuring quality keeps up with the pace of transformation

The devastating IT outage suffered recently by Spanish owned, UK bank, TSB, has become an object lesson, of a worst-case scenario for IT migrations in banking. The problems that crippled the bank’s services last year have so far cost it around £330m (see: Sabadell highlight TSB challenges). To date, TSB has also lost more than 80,000 customers since its IT problems began (see: Customer exodus following TSB IT chaos).

Along with a number of other recent examples elsewhere in the industry, the problems experienced by TSB, highlight the back-office challenges, facing many of the major, established banks. What is interesting, especially in light of the high price of failure, is why the banks do not appear to be prioritising testing and quality assurance more highly, and why they are not investing more of their IT budgets in preventative measures.

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Posted by Jon C Davies at '07:00' - Tagged: quality