Monday 06 January 2020

*NEW RESEARCH* Enterprise Software Supplier Prospects 2020

imageTaming Digital Chaos will be one of the top challenges through 2020 and beyond as both buyers and suppliers deal with the consequences of the anarchy of early stage digitalisation. For suppliers, ensuring you are part of the solution rather than adding to the problem is essential and for that ever-higher levels of trust  lie at the heart centre of buyer-supplier relationships. 

The 2020 edition of the Enterprise Software Supplier Prospects report lays out the major challenges facing software suppliers during 2020. It identifies how to respond to achieve market success and the approaches we believe will work in the longer term, making it a must-read report as we start a fresh year. 

The report contains profiles of the top 10 suppliers of enterprise software to the UK market, from top placed Microsoft to 10th placed Adobe. The profiles provide TechMarketView’s perspective on characteristics such as levels of digital fitness, how suppliers are distilling down and reworking their software portfolios, and what they can bring to meet enterprises’ cravings for a degree of control in a chaotic environment.

The insights within Enterprise Software Supplier Prospects 2020 and beyond are a positive way to kick of 2020 and the report is available to eligible TechMarketView subscribers. For those of you who don’t have a subscription, Deb Seth will be happy to provide details.  

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