Wednesday 12 August 2020

*NEW RESEARCH* Priority Software for COVID-19 Business Recovery

Cover imageCOVID-19 is not just accelerating digital progress. It is also driving a radical change in mindset as organisations reset for the ‘new normal’. One of the most significant COVID-19 lessons is the willingness to challenge conventions, break rules and cut through red tape in order to do what is necessary to keep businesses functioning.

As we move into business recovery mode, organisations are exploring the software and technologies that will help their operations assume the ‘new normal’ and also help employees find the confidence to return to the workplace.

Download Priority Software for COVID-19 Business Recovery for insight into immediate investment sectors - from screening and biometrics to touchless tech and IoT - the supply-side opportunities, and some of the suppliers to watch.

What may start out as a tactical assessment of physical requirements to achieve a COVID-secure work environment, has the scope to expand into a strategic reassessment of processes and operations. Software to help the safe return to the workplace could also provide the impetus for ramped up IoT adoption, be the making of touchless technology, and stimulate a whole new set of partnerships.

If you do not have a TechMarketView subscription Deborah Seth will be happy to share details of how to access our range of services.

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