Wednesday 30 June 2021

*NEW RESEARCH* Market Trends and Forecasts 2021

Launching today is TechMarketView’s brand new set of forecasts and trends analysis for the UK Software and IT Services markets to 2024: UK SITS Market Trends and Forecasts 2021. MTF

The report contains detailed data by type of service/software but also for every vertical industry, based on months of research by the TechMarketView team. Analysts have spoken to a wide array of suppliers and buyers to understand their perspectives and experiences and crunched large amounts of data to create what we believe is the most reliable and comprehensive view of the market.

This breadth and depth of analysis is essential because this is a market in the midst of massive change as it moves away from Heritage services. To forecast the nature and pace of this change, TechMarketView has developed a unique model to help clients understand the nature and rate at which each market segment is rotating to the NEW (i.e., Digital, Platform and Cyber).

This time last year, the analyst team painstakingly created two forecast scenarios for the possible impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on UK SITS. By November 2020, our experts had concluded that the impact would be more optimistic than many first feared. In UK SITS Market Trends and Forecasts 2021, we explain our current view and what we believe market evolution will look like in the period to 2024.

Read the report to get to the detail and understand how your organisation should be operating as we emerge from the pandemic into a complex and challenging world.

UK Software and IT Services Market Trends and Forecasts 2021 is only available to subscribers of our Foundation Service research programme. To become a subscriber, please contact Deb Seth.

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