Wednesday 03 January 2024

Did you miss something?

Report Covers of Key TMV Reports December 2023You might have missed some key end-of-year research published in the few weeks before the festive break. If you did, as we head into 2024, now is the time to catch up!

At the beginning of December, we launched our research theme for 2024: Enabling Acceleration. Avid TechMarketView followers will know that as we head towards a new year, we try to paint a picture in a few words of what the next 12 months will have in store for the tech market and its suppliers. Our 2024 theme encapsulates our belief that the intense pressure that organisations feel to keep pace with the speed of technological innovation and make a transformation step change. That pressure is going to impact the behaviour of end user organisations and demand a fresh response from tech suppliers. To read a more in-depth analysis of why this theme will be so important in the year ahead, make sure you download this report: TechMarketView Research Theme 2024: Enabling Acceleration | TechMarketView.

Of course, a key part of this ‘Enabling Acceleration’ picture is the rapidly evolving world of AI, which continues to dominate market narrative, influencing digital transformation investment across all industries and market segments. No wonder then that our report, providing a snapshot of key AI market trends, prevalent use cases, and keys suppliers, has caused such a buzz. If you’ve missed out so far, wait no longer and download the report: Artificial Intelligence: Market Trends, Use Cases and Suppliers | TechMarketView

Importantly, having continued to monitor the results and trading updates of suppliers over the last twelve months – and had numerous conversations with UK executive teams - we’ve also been in a strong position to update our view on how we think the UK software and IT services (SITS) market performed in 2023. We’ve also taken a view on how market conditions will impact SITS demand from 2024 onwards. So, if you want to keep abreast of how the market is evolving and make sure you are making decisions with an eye on the latest available analysis, you should head to our this report: Market Outlook Update 2023 | TechMarketView.

You’ll also be able to get a grip on the biggest trends likely to define the UK tech market in the year ahead in our TechMarketView Predictions 2024. Our expert analyst team has, after much deliberation, settled on Ten Top Predictions, covering a range of research areas, from AI, to Automation, to Sustainability. Want to know where to focus your investments? Then make sure you delve into TechMarketView Predictions 2024 | TechMarketView.

If you aren’t yet a TechMarketView subscriber—or are unsure if your organisation has a corporate subscription—please contact Deb Seth to find out more. This is just a handful of the insight that TechMarketView published in December and a tiny proportion of the research that the team has published for our clients over the year.

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