Wednesday 26 October 2016

*NEW RESEARCH* Payments meet Fintech Part 2


In Part 1 of this Payments Bulletin report, available here, we set a historical context to the state of the payments industry and described how this archetypal, boring back-office function has suddenly become sexy and a hotbed for innovation.

The framework introduced in our July FinancialServicesViews report “Fintech Battlegrounds”, available here, was applied to help with describing the multiple dimensions of disruption underway in this space, and the key battleground of remote payments was examined in detail.

In Part II, Richard Johnson extends this analysis to several other important battlegrounds; international remittances, online commerce and physical commerce. This analysis will provide clear insights as to how these market segments will develop and how companies and their suppliers can build effective strategies to deliver lasting value.

FinancialServicesViews subscribers can access this important study here to shed some more light on a vibrant sector, with lots of potential twists and turns. Whoever thought payments could be so interesting!

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