Thursday 01 December 2016

*NEW RESEARCH*: Enterprise Software & App Services Supplier Landscape 2016

ImageOur annual research theme 'Surfing the Waves of Disruption' has been highly appropriate for Enterprise Software & Application Services (ESAS) suppliers as they faced yet another disruptive wave: preparation for the move to data-led intelligent applications. This is emerging as a particularly fast moving wave as awareness and activity levels ramped up.

It is driven by the recognition that in a digital environment, data lies at the heart of value and competitive strength but it needs a new set of enablers to make the most of it - namely machine learning and AI techniques embedded into business applications, This, in turn, is opening the door to new-style intelligent applications.

But it is not just enterprises that are facing disruption and looking to suppliers for help and guidance. These developments are also causing suppliers to reevaluate their own models, software, services and delivery approaches in response to customer demands for rapidity, efficiency and lower priced contracts.

On the competitor front, the rise of data as an agent of change is bringing new competitors into the Enterprise Software & Application Services market as data owners and even data-owning industrial suppliers encroach into the market.

Download the Enterprise Software & Application Services Supplier Landscape 2016 report here to see how these pressures are impacting suppliers and changing the competitive landscape. If you’re not a TechMarketView and ESAS research stream subscriber, reach out to Deb Seth for all the information you need to change that.

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