Monday 05 December 2016

**NEW RESEARCH** AWS enters UK Infrastructure Services Top 20

awsTechMarketView’s 2016 research theme, “Surfing the Waves of Disruption”, couldn’t be more apt. The evolution of the infrastructure services industry has hit a significant milestone with Amazon Web Services (AWS) storming into our Top 20. SL

AWS is certainly a disruptive force to be reckoned with, and one of things that really unnerves traditional suppliers is the unknowns around its full competitive might. AWS has grown to become a substantially sized player over an incredibly short period of time, racking up phenomenal UK growth in FY15 - based on our analysis.

However, the AWS figures hint at an even more disruptive future. If the company continues to grow at such a rate - and if our leading players continue to grow very slowly or not at all - we’re looking at AWS becoming one of the top five infrastructure services players in the UK within just a few years’ time.

To find out exactly where AWS is placed, and to read more analysis on the pure-play cloud provider and its peers, see Infrastructure Services Supplier Landscape 2016-2017, by Kate Hanaghan, Research Director.

Of course, the report also examines other key industry players, moves and trends and is essential reading for those looking to survive as the market shifts into the cloud and towards a Hybrid IT operating model.

If you’re not yet an InfrastructureViews research stream subscriber, contact Deb Seth for more information.

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