Monday 16 January 2017

TECHMARKETVIEW 2017 THEME: Unlocking the Intelligence

logo9You know it. And your clients are learning it the hard way. The journey to transform business operations and processes is arduous and complicated. The theory says transformation should lead to greater efficiencies and better customer service. But the transformation process generates its own set of challenges.

For transformation, read digitalisation. And digitalisation produces data – masses of it. The key to success for digital transformation is the ability to extract value from this ever-expanding lake of data.  In fact, failing to extract the value from the data will likely lead to unmet expectations of the transformation benefits and a bruised reputation.

This is why TechMarketView’s theme for 2017 is Unlocking the Intelligence.

For tech suppliers to succeed in today’s market, you must find a way to help your clients extract the value from their data.

Over the next few days, TechMarketView’s analyst team will bring you highlights of the trends they are predicting in their respective market segments that will be instrumental in Unlocking the Intelligence at your clients.

Today we lead with Angela Eager’s predictions for the UK Enterprise Software & Application Services market, and John O’Brien’s predictions for the UK Business Process Services market.

Tomorrow, you can read Kate Hanaghan’s predications for the UK Infrastructure Services market and Martin Courtney’s predictions for the UK Cybersecurity and Networking market.

Finally on Wednesday, we’ll go ‘vertical’, with Georgina O’Toole’s predictions for the UK Public Sector market and Peter Roe’s predictions for the UK Financial Services market.

We’ll be publishing our regular Predictions Compendium report early next week, which will include extended versions of all of our analysts’ predictions. This report will be exclusively available to TechMarketView subscrption service clients.

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