Tuesday 31 January 2017

*NEW RESEARCH*: End User Insight – the value of machine learning

As regular HotViews readers and TechMarketView subscribers will know we have been closely analysing the machine intelligence sector, examining the implications around the use of automation, AI and machine learning. The latest report from the Enterprise Software & Application Services research stream adds another dimension to this part of the research agenda: providing insight into machine learning adoption and value from the perspective of a UK end user organisation and identifying supplier opportunities in “End User Insight: the value of machine learning in service desk change”.

ImageMaturity is a distant horizon where machine learning is concerned but over recent months it has come closer for organisations and suppliers alike, as far as cost and comprehension is concerned. It is not mainstream in terms of development or deployment but is at a stage in its lifecycle where we are seeing use cases germinate. This research note looks at the germination effect within a UK-based organisation: machine learning enabled applications spawning use cases once the first deployment is active and their role as a catalyst for operational and process change.

Eligible subscribers can download the report here. If you would like subscription information please contact Deborah Seth from our client services team.

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