Friday 23 February 2018

Raise your company profile in our HotViews newsletter & get in front of 16,000+ key decision makers

TechMarketView Advertising ImageWith the popularity of our daily e-newsletter increasing, we offer advertisers the opportunity to place a 'Sponsored Post' directly within the newsletter (and on the UKHotViews website page for seven days).

Sponsored Posts will closely resemble UKHotViews articles and appear within the body of the newsletter and website copy, catching the readers’ eye in a prime location.

As UKHotViews is posted directly to our Twitter feed your ad will be viewed by our increasing number of Twitter followers. All of which means your advert will be seen by many of the most influential decision makers in the UK tech scene. There will only ever be one Sponsored Post per UKHotViews newsletter so your advert is guaranteed a high ‘share of the voice’.

How can Sponsored Posts be used?

There are no restrictions on the content of Sponsored Posts (apart from the obvious not being libellous etc), so it’s entirely up to you. They are well-suited to topics that we wouldn’t normally cover in UKHotViews, and could, for example, be used to highlight:

  • Product launches
  • Forthcoming events
  • Business-to-business services
  • ‘White paper’ report findings
  • Contract wins
  • Changes in strategic direction
  • Recruitment
  • Webinars

TechMarketView also offers the opportunity to have your own static banner message on our daily UKHotViews e-newsletter, UKHotViews, News and UKHotViewsExtra webpages and on our exclusive UKHotViewsExtra e-newsletter. A Gold banner will be positioned at the top of both the newsletter and webpage. Alternatively a Silver banner appears at the bottom of the newsletter and webpages. 

Combined Packages
There’s also the option to combine a Sponsored Post with a Banner Advert, for maximum impact. You could run a Sponsored Post to coincide with a run of banners to boost your campaign and raise the profile of your product, launch or white paper.

For more information, please contact Sarah Robinson on 07880 908 008. 

Posted by Sarah Robinson at '00:00'