Tuesday 01 May 2018

*NEW RESEARCH* Machine Learning-as-a-Service: Market Overview, Technology, Prospects

imageOrganisations moving towards low friction, data-driven digital business models, underpinned by the need to support high quality, engaging and sustainable customer experiences, risk being swapped by data. But many are still at a loss as to how to deal with it despite all the market chatter about AI and machine learning (AI/ML).  

Something is needed to kick start AI/ML adoption, drive at-scale implementations, as well as ramp up much needed supply-side revenue from the provision of software and services. Although it is at an early stage of development, TechMarketView believes Machine Learning-as-a-Service (MLaaS) has the attributes to initiate broader AI/ML adoption.

Those looking to understand the emerging MLaaS sector should download ‘Machine Learning-as-a-Service: Market Overview, Technology, Prospects’, the latest report from ESASViews. With its assessment of how MLaaS could be a catalyst for major strategic enterprise investment in machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies it is a ‘must read’ for software and IT services suppliers. It also examines what MLaaS could mean for application services suppliers as they build next generation services and adapt delivery methods, and provides a view of the MLaaS suppliers active in the market.

TechMarketView subscribers: click to download the Machine Learning-as-a-Service: Market Overview, Technology, Prospects report. If you’re not a current subscriber, Deborah Seth will be happy to provide details.

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