Tuesday 08 May 2018

*NEW RESEARCH* Intelligent Automation – What a maturing market means for BPS players

IA reportThe automation of business processes combined with suppliers increasing investment in capabilities such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) as well as data and analytics continues to significantly disrupt the Business Process Services (BPS) market. Whilst this is causing many service providers to reengineer business models, the flip side is that automation’s ability to aid process redesign from the front right through to the back-office gives BPS a great opportunity to become a strategic option for organisations looking to get ‘match-fit for digital’.

We are seeing the more established technologies like RPA becoming increasingly deployed in conjunction with other complementary technologies such as Machine Learning, Voice Activation and Natural Language Processing (NLP). This maturing of the market presents BPS providers an opportunity to take greater ownership of client outcomes and shift the focus away from the technologies themselves to the business benefits and strategic value they deliver. With its integration mindset BPS has the opportunity to act as the ‘glue’ that binds automation into rest of the modern digital organisation.

The maturing of Intelligent Automation provides both significant threats and opportunities for established BPS players as customers look to move beyond Proof of Concept (PoC) projects. If BPS players are to remain relevant they have to prove to customers that they are the best vehicle by which to scale the benefits of automation. 

The impact of intelligent automation on the BPS landscape is also helping support innovation in deal commercials and this report looks at how intelligent automation is supporting the shift towards contracting against business outcomes that reward value creation.

Finally, our report looks at the move towards platform-based automation and automation-as-a-service, and how this particularly when combined with deep consulting expertise represents a real emerging threat to BPS players still trying to adapt to how the market has shifted over the last two years. 

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