Friday 03 August 2018

*NEW RESEARCH* Financial Services SITS Supplier Ranking 2018

coverNot only is the Financial Services sector the most important buyer of Software and IT Services, it is also on the threshold of further major disruption. Many FS enterprises are embarking on significantly more aggressive strategies to digitalise operations, improve customer experience and slash costs. While we don’t expect much net new money to be directed to this epiphany, it will mean a big shift in spending as legacy systems are replaced and as automation revolutionises many processes.

But who are the leading suppliers to the sector today? How big is the gap between the largest players and the next group of would-be leaders?

Interestingly, the top 10 positions in TechMarketView’s annual supplier ranking are occupied by the same companies as last year - but how have their relative positions changed and who actually grew revenue in a tight market?

Several companies lower down the rankings recorded exceptional growth, while others delivered steady progress up the table.

As aspiring companies develop new skills, refresh their partnership strategies and develop deeper customer relationships, they have every chance to move up the ratings. Established players have their work cut out to maintain their positions.

Subscribers to FinancialServicesViews can access our 2018 Financial Services SITS Supplier Ranking report, here. If you want to know who is where in the pecking order and learn how to move your company up the ranking, this report is a must-read.

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