Wednesday 20 January 2021

Reset and Reimagine: Predictions Compendium 2021

2020 was a year that turned our lives upside down, but 2021 (all 20 days of it) is offering hope. As the UK continuescov to live through a gruelling and essential lockdown, TechMarketView’s Predictions for tech and market trends seek to explain what could be on the horizon and how we can all leverage these for the best.

We explore topics such as how COVID has impacted the Digital Chaos experienced by so many organisations, and which specific tech trends will emerge. Life will of course look very different for office workers and customers in the months to come, but what approach should organisations take to ensure safety and success?

Sector by sector, the pathways vary. In Public Sector, for example, we can expect to see step changes in operating models. And in Financial Services, COVID has added significant impetus to the transformation agenda, meaning TechMarketView’s “Reset & Reimagine” research theme is an extremely apt choice this year.

TechMarketView’s ‘compendium’ of Predictions brings together our analysis across Public Sector, the Financial Services sector and the market more broadly. It is accessible to every TechMarketView subscriber.

Read it here: Predictions Compendium 2021.
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