Friday 20 August 2021

NEW Infrastructure Operations supplier research

Have you caught up on our latest Infrastructure Operations supplier research?

rankInfrastructure Operations is one of the most fascinating market areas of Software and IT Services. The technologies and services it comprises - and the players providing these - are crucial to the transformation journeys of organisations. Infrastructure Operations are the very foundations of digital progress, providing the compute, storage, and network building blocks upon which transformative digital services sit.

Recently launched for our TechSectorViews clients are UK Infrastructure Operations Supplier Rankings 2021 and Infrastructure Operations Supplier Prospects 2021 & beyond.

UK Infrastructure Operations Supplier Rankings 2021 provides a Top 20 ranking of the largest players by revenue, analysing their performance and position. The report highlights the diversity of performance by the largest players in Infrastructure Operations with the Top 20 ranking reflecting the structural changes in the market. Established players have only moved ahead slightly or have declined in terms of revenue performance. Meanwhile, the hyperscalers continue to develop a significant presence; 2020 was a very good year for Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, and this report details both their size and growth in the UK.pros

Diving deeper in the performance and prospects of the largest ten players is Infrastructure Operations Supplier Prospects 2021 & beyond.

Many of the players in this market face the complex task of supporting existing Heritage investments and infusing them with leading edge tech to increase efficiencies, performance, and cost savings - while introducing New and emerging tech/services in tandem. This continues to drive the need for portfolio development, ecosystem updates, and investments across a variety of people, delivery, and operational areas.

The supplier landscape includes players large and small, and it is one that has been upended since the hyperscalers firstly disrupted the scene several years back and then gained the significant market share they hold today.

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