Wednesday 23 March 2022

*NEW RESEARCH* National Management Centre: Enhancing Cyber Resilience in UK Policing

NMC logoIn December 2021, BT invited TechMarketView to visit the National Management Centre (NMC) to see the progress that has been made in improving the ability for UK policing to prepare for, respond to, and recover from cyber attacks and security breaches. This report provides the background to the NMC, reviews the role the NMC is playing in police cyber resilience, and the importance of a strong partnership and effective collaboration in driving progress.

The contract to support the establishment of the NMC, in partnership with the NEP team, was awarded to BT in 2018. It deploys a range of security tools, technologies and a specialist team of analysts that monitor, hunt and help to detect unknown, sophisticated and evasive cybersecurity threats 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days each year.

Services provided by the NMC include:

  1. Protective Monitoring
  2. Threat Intelligence
  3. Threat Hunting
  4. Malware Analysis
  5. Vulnerability Assessment
  6. Penetration Testing
  7. Incident Management & Incident Response

BT logoOne of the keys to the success of the NMC to date has been the strength of the partnership between BT and the PDS. It provides a good example of the benefits of deeply integrating staff within partner organisations in the public sector.

A key challenge faced by policing in enhancing their cyber resilience is the demand for skills. Police forces struggle to compete with private sector organisations when it comes to recruitment in areas of skills shortage, so it makes sense to take a unified approach across the sector rather than duplicating effort.

The speed at which the NMC has been setup has been remarkable. Within the space of two years, a derelict site has been transformed into a state of the art facility; it has successfully recruited people in a sector facing extremely high demand for skills; it has scaled its offering to policing; and secured buy-in from 43 forces. It is now playing an increasingly important role in helping defend police forces in England and Wales, and doing so in a way that improves efficiency and reduces duplication of effort.

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