Wednesday 03 May 2023

Latest Data Insights: Customer Experience and Automation

diTechMarketView has kicked off a new research programme focused on explaining and understanding the intricacies of new/fast-growing markets.

Data Insights looks at some of the most interesting and complex areas of the very broad UK Software and IT Services market, undertaking robust analysis of the size and growth opportunity.

Get up to speed with publications from Q1:

  • Data Insights: The Future of Robotic Process Automation: This report looks at how RPA-centric automation is maturing with market forecasts in what is becoming a more complex and diverse landscape. The report is designed to help RPA software and services vendors understand the nature and scale of the opportunity, as well as aiding end users looking to appreciate the market dynamics and challenges faced, when attempting to scale activities.
  • Data Insights: The Customer Experience (CX) Market Opportunity: The UK CX Software and IT Services arena has built up an impressive head of steam over the past decade. Now the focus for over a fifth of all SITS expenditure in this country, the CX segment has become one of the most intensely competitive parts of the market. It is also an arena in which success will require keeping pace with the rapidly evolving changes in buyer expectations, investment priorities, and technology strategies.

Data Insights is available to our TechSectorViews research programme clients and is part of an exciting set of new formats for 2023:

  • Data Insights (PowerPoint format): Brand new data on UK-specific, high-growth markets – with specific pointers on how to capitalise as a supplier
  • Disruptors & Innovators: (PowerPoint format): With our unique understanding of the UK market, we bring our insights into the most exciting and disruptive players hitting the market
  • Emerging Markets Briefing: Analysis of the most important emerging trends and opportunities, underpinned by real-life examples from our end user community.

For more information on becoming a TechSectorViews client, speak to Deb Seth.

And, as ever, if you want to understand more closely the specific implications for your own organisation, contact Chief Research Officer, Kate Hanaghan, about an engagement.

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