Monday 24 June 2024

What might the manifesto pledges mean for tech?

TMV logoTechMarketView Senior Research Director Dale Peters has pored over the manifestos of the seven major UK political parties analysing the implications of their pledges for the tech sector, so that you don’t have to!

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Dale concludes that overall, the manifestos of both the Labour and Conservative parties have a broadly similar approach when it comes to technology. There is a big focus on improving R&D, accelerating innovation and boosting productivity.

The Liberal Democrats and Green Party both emphasise the importance of ethical and inclusive technology, particularly in relation to AI, and propose introducing a Digital Bill of Rights. Whereas there is little discussion of technology or innovation in the Reform manifesto.

And Plaid Cymru has much more of a focus on digital technology than the SNP has in its manifesto, claiming that it wants Wales to become more of a go-to location for technological innovation.

But regardless of who wins the General Election, unprotected departments (most departments with the exception of Health, Defence, Education and overseas aid) are likely to be facing a real term cut to budgets from 2025-26, placing public services under even greater pressure to reform.

Technology will play a key role in these reforms, creating significant opportunities for software and IT services suppliers (including consultants), but there is a risk the government (whoever that may be) continues to place too much faith in AI saving the day.

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