Wednesday 18 April 2012

TechMarketView launches InfrastructureViews with new perspectives on BYOT

TechMarketView is proud to launch the fourth in our series of specialist research programmes, further expanding our in-depth coverage of the UK SITS (software and IT/BP services) scene. Like our PublicSectorViews, BusinessProcessViews and ESASViews programmes, InfrastructureViews offers unique insights into the market and supplier landscape.

With its focus on the £14bn market for infrastructure services in the UK, InfrastructureViews gives vendors, advisors and investors a close-up view of the growth of the fast-evolving infrastructure space. Topics include the move to cloud, mid-market opportunities and the changing infrastructure supplier landscape.

And as you would expect from TechMarketView analysis, the emphasis is not just on what is happening and what will happen, but also on the implications of market trends and disruption for those attempting to grow their share.

byot graphicCoinciding with the launch of the programme, TechMarketView is today publishing its inaugural InfrastructureViews report: BYOT: opportunities and threats from disruption. This major piece of research provides a new perspective on the “bring your own” trend, with analysis of both the opportunities that it will offer for many and the threats it will bring. It shows how BYOT is set for dramatic growth, with organisations forecast to spend £2bn over the coming five years to get BYOT working securely and effectively.

The report also explains why and how interested players should take a position in BYOT in order to capitalise on that growth. But there is a clear warning for suppliers too: the move to “substitutional” BYOT, where personal devices replace centrally-owned kit, will put significant downward pressure on the support and hardware markets in particular.

Eligible TechMarketView subscription service clients can download BYOT: opportunities and threats from disruption from today.Phil Codling

InfrastructureViews is led by TechMarketView research director Phil Codling, who brings 15 years of IT market insight and analysis to the programme.

If you’d like to learn more about the trends shaping the UK infrastructure services sector, the areas of opportunity, and the keys to success, then please contact Deborah Seth (

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