Monday 19 June 2017

*New Research* Cloud Services – The Road to PaaS in Financial Services

coverLast month, TechMarketView held a Roundtable dinner for vendor and bank representatives where the subject was how the banks could monetise the benefits of Cloud and the importance of moving to Platform-as-Service. The event was again kindly sponsored by Cast Software.

The informative and enjoyable dinner generated much debate about the issues faced by large banks as they accelerate their adoption of Cloud Services, opening up new opportunities in terms of greater agility, better customer and user experience and lower cost. The important issues of next steps, the future role of the CIO and the implications for the bank’s overall culture and strategy were also considered.

FinancialServicesViews subscribers can gain considerable insight about this important and necessary migration by accessing our comprehensive report, “Cloud Services – the road to PaaS". There are crucial questions of how banks can deal with complex, multi-generational application stacks and poor access to customer data, all of which need to be answered before the “mouth-watering” benefits of moving to cloud and platform-as-a-service can be fully realised.

Note: In December, we held a roundtable dinner focusing on the question “Are the Digital Strategies of the Banks working?” Subscribers can access the follow-up report on that discussion here.

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