Friday 30 June 2017

*NEW RESEARCH*: DevOps - supplier success strategies

ImageIt is becoming apparent that one of the stumbling blocks in digital transformation is the shift from departmental and PoC projects to enterprise-wide initiatives. Tools and methodologies that help with the digitisation shift and on going management, at scale, are in the ascendancy and DevOps fits firmly into that category.

However, for application services providers, the practice of DevOps is not something that can be embraced lightly. It can open opportunities, indeed its practice will become a prerequisite, but DevOps adoption is high risk because it requires entrenched silo’s to be broken open and wholesale changes in process, thinking, culture and organisation, along with the requirement for new tool chains and attendant skills. It also demands changes to business models.

The challenge for application services providers is dealing with the necessities of DevOps adoption, internally and on behalf of customers, without breaking the business. That is exactly what the “DevOps: strategies for supplier success” report examines.

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