Wednesday 01 November 2017

NPS 'walks' into 2018 after transformative year

NPS logoAs expected, Northgate Public Services’ recently published FY17 results (for the year to end April 2017) reveal a business in transition as the new management team, with the support of private equity backers Cinven, focused the business on IP-led software and services in four key areas, Government, Housing, Safety and Healthcare. 


In the process, NPS exited some unattractive services contracts and began winding down the Front Office and Social Care operations. Overall, the result is lower revenue but an improving EBITDA position – according to Steve Callaghan, CEO, NPS entered FY18 with the ‘correct’ cost base and they are ‘happy’ with the current state.

In September 2017, Steve celebrated his first anniversary at NPS - and what a year it’s been. We caught up with both him and CFO Alan O’Reilly shortly afterwards to take stock on FY17 (the ‘crawl’ phase of Steve’s plan for the business – see Transforming Northgate Public Services) and look forward to FY18 (the ‘walk’ phase) and beyond.

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