Wednesday 01 November 2017

**NEW RESEARCH** The UK Payments market – a comprehensive analysis

reportThe UK payment sector has always been a major customer for software and IT services suppliers, and the continuing rapid migration of cash to electronic payments means the growth fundamentals are strong. However, what makes this a key time for tech businesses to be looking at the sector are the unprecedented levels of innovation, experimentation and transformation driven by the digital revolution as the regulatory agenda opens up the market to new participants like never before.

When you couple this with the evolution of the cloud-based API economy, making it easier to build, consume and distribute new services, it becomes clear why this is such a “hot” sector”.

The UK has a successful track record of payments innovation leading to mass market adoption and as faster payments, contactless and mobile systems transform the UK sector, the rest of the world is watching closely.

The report, written by our Payments and Fintech expert Richard Johnson, explains and analyses the sub-sectors of UK payments, explains the key trends and big issues facing the sector today, highlighting the resulting opportunities for Software and IT Services suppliers.

Payments businesses need to work out how they defend and extend their role in the rapidly evolving future of payments, and the supplier community now has the opportunity to help them define and deliver that journey.

The report, accessible to FinancialServicesViews subscribers, is available to download here. If you are not yet a subscriber and are interested in getting hold of this report, please click here.

Richard Johnson and Peter Roe, FinancialServicesViews Research Director, are also available to present the findings of the report in our special “Payments Interactive” sessions. If you are interested in quizzing the team about the payments market and qualifying your potential strategies, please click here.

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