Thursday 30 November 2017

TechMarketView: The most influential analyst firm on the UK tech scene

2018 will be the Tenth Anniversary of the founding of TechMarketView. Our ambition from the outset was to become the most influential analyst firm on the UK tech scene.

In those 10 years, we have assembled a superb team of high quality analysts, many of whom have been with us for much of TechMarketView’s life. We built a customer base that embraces practically all of the main tech players, along with many mid-tier and emerging tech innovators. We initiated programmes, like Little British Battlers and Great British Scaleups.tmv

We grew HotViews so that now tens of thousands of readers treat it as their Number One source of informed news and views on the tech sector.

So you can imagine our pleasure and pride to read Duncan Chapple's article - see here - reviewing Kea Company’s latest Analyst Value Survey. The report makes the point that has been the very essence of Techmarketview's business model.

To quote:

"Many UK analyst firms produce most of their revenue abroad and, indeed, the UK might not even be their largest market. However, the size of the UK market and the growing concentration of the population south and east of Birmingham means that British [analyst] firms have a remarkable impact on their domestic market.

The results of Kea Company’s Analyst Value Survey illustrate that perfectly.

TechMarketView punches even further above its weight in terms of paying subscribers. Its deal value might be lower than Ovum’s, but a higher percentage of its UK readers are paying for subscriptions. Participants in the Analyst Value Survey said that TechMarketView’s impressive impact on the UK market reflects higher influence on journalists, investors and their customers…….."

So, after 10 years, TechMarketView can now claim with some justification - and a great deal of pride - to have come very close to achieving our objective of being the most influential analyst firm on the UK tech scene.

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