Tuesday 09 January 2018

**NEW RESEARCH** Cloud and Infrastructure Services Supplier Prospects 2018

Out now is the new Cloud and Infrastructure Services Supplier Prospects 2018 report.supplier prospects

The report looks at the Top Ten largest suppliers of Infrastructure Services in the UK market, examining the challenges they face and the strengths they bring.

Many of them are living through a period of substantial change: evolution of the portfolio, restructuring of the business, and mergers, for example. Consideration is being given to the types of contracts pursued, new operating models and workforce rebalancing in an effort to optimise performance. 

All of the leading players in the market still need to increase the balance of revenue from higher growth ‘digital’ areas. This is not just about developing the right offerings in the portfolio, it is about creating confidence amongst buyers and having effective processes and methodologies to migrate them from the ‘old’ to the ‘new’. 

The report should be read alongside Infrastructure Services Supplier Ranking 2017 and Infrastructure Services Market Trends and Forecasts (2017-2020).

If you would like to access the report (which is authored by Chief Research Officer, Kate Hanaghan) and are not currently a subscriber to our Infrastructure Services research, please contact Deb Seth.

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