Monday 29 January 2018

IBM – laying down its roadmap for Financial Services IT

logoLast week, IBM hosted a presentation in London putting a new slant on its ideas for Financial Services IT, indicating that some good progress is being made. The company overall returned to revenue growth in Q4 2017 and will be looking to the important Financial Services sector to build momentum in 2018. TechMarketView estimates that one-quarter of IBM UK’s revenue is derived from Financial Services.

IBM outlined its current thinking around the transformation of the banking sector and gave an update in the progress of two of its most important and visible initiatives, cognitive computing (IBM Watson) and blockchain. In both these areas, IBM has established strong positions in the vanguard of development and market introduction.

At the centre of IBM’s strategy in the sector is the “Digital Banking Framework” which sets out to separate the front-end of the banking business from the back-end, with very different visions for each. (Read More….)

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