Monday 15 January 2018

Government shared services: lacking courage or realistic?

Shared Services_Future Tech RoadmapWe were promised that the UK Government’ shared services strategy would be reinvigorated. And at the end of last week, the Cabinet Office launched its new agenda, setting a direction for the next ten years. The response on Twitter was far from positive; one digital government journalist (@ad_greenway) stated, “The most disappointing document the UK government has put out in at least 7 years”. His tweet was retweeted 59 times and liked 129 times.

The reason for the criticism? Mainly that there is a persistent commitment to the use of the large traditional ERP players: SAP and Oracle. The third platform to be developed will be a “cheaper alternative for smaller departments”. Unit 4’s Agresso platform, which was the original platform for the DfT shared services centre, but is now only used at DiFID, doesn’t get a mention in the forward view.

The ten-year roadmap is not bold enough for some. But if we are to be kinder, it would be to say that the strategy is, instead, realistic. Read more...

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