Tuesday 03 April 2018

*NEW RESEARCH* MIS Market: English state schools 2018

School MIS report imageAs discussed in last year’s Student Data and Analytics report, schools are using a vast array of tools to manage their data and obtain more effective information to drive improvement. At the heart of school data is the management information system (MIS).

The school MIS market represents a significant proportion of software expenditure in the sector--for state schools in England alone the market is worth in excess of £100m a year. However, this is a market that has been dominated by a single supplier for many years. Capita has enjoyed its position of dominance, and data from the Autumn 2017 school census suggests that 80% of state schools in England currently use its SIMS platform.

RM has the second largest share with 10% of the market. It's followed by ScholarPack (Histon House Ltd), with 4% of the market, a company that has made significant progress over the last few years, and then Advanced with 2% market share.  

Due to the potential disruption created by changing MIS the market has been slow to change. However, over the last few years, largely as a result of the academies programme, we are starting to see churn increase. The market is now more competitive and this should help to encourage innovation and lead to improved value for money in schools.

In this new data-driven report we review the latest market statistics on the English state school MIS market, identifying the leading suppliers and the those making the best progress.

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