Thursday 05 April 2018

*NEW RESEARCH* VMware plots new directions with AppDefense and PKS

vmwareOut now is this new must-read research note that looks at two important recent moves by VMware.

VMware of course pioneered virtualisation for commodity x86 servers. Since the turn of the millennium, the firm has used its first mover advantage to build a substantial presence in organisations of all sizes, initially focusing on server consolidation, but later building out its technology to turn it into a platform for data centre automation.

Nowadays, VMware faces increasing challenges as the hypervisor technology that underpins virtualisation is regarded as something of a commodity. Competition is also coming not just from on-premise rivals such as Microsoft with its server platforms, but also from cloud providers including Amazon Web Services.

With this in mind, the firm must adapt its strategy to keep its existing technology relevant to customers while developing new products to help customers meet the challenges of today’s fast-moving IT landscape.

In "VMware plots new directions with AppDefense and PKS" we look at two of VMware’s latest product releases and examine how these fit in with that strategy.

This research note is available to clients taking InfrastructureViews and SecureConnectViews, our key research programmes for Cloud, Infrastructure Services, Security and Networking.

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