Friday 01 March 2019

*HotViewsExtra* Culture holds the key to success

In my first few weeks with TechMarketView I have been greatly impressed by the vibrancy and enthusiasm that exists within the UK technology industry. As a key to success, the word "culture" stands out more than anything else. This is clearly apparent, across many organisations, large and small, both in-house and within the vendor community.

Perhaps more than any other industry, financial services is being impacted by the sort of transformational change that we haven’t seen for a generation. As a result, clients and prospects understandably need and expect their suppliers to have a clear perspective on the prevailing direction of travel, and a passion for the journey.

Like any market there will be evidence of best practice and there will be pockets of bad practice. There will be sales led organisations and there will be market led organisations. There will be early adopters and there will be laggards. Crucially of course, there will also be winners and losers. TechMarketView clients, including UKHotViews Premium subscribers, can learn more via HotViewsExtra (see: Culture holds the key to success).


Posted by Jon C Davies at '09:00'