Tuesday 26 March 2019

*NEW RESEARCH* Automation – Transforming Financial Service Majors

Report coverThe fact that Lloyds Banking Group has trebled its commitment for digital spending (to £3bn over the next three years) is a clear sign that the banks and other major financial services players are more serious with respect to their transformation plans. It also signals that the next transformation steps will be more fundamental, impacting the underlying cultures and structures of these businesses and creating totally new ways of working and interacting with customers. It is also abundantly clear that these companies and their senior management are much more willing to embrace new technologies and partners to ensure success.

Our new research examines the current state of automation within the financial services sector, examining the key players and technology providers and their strategies. We propose an evolution framework for automation and identify the financial services sector’s current position within it. We then go on to describe the potential for change facilitated by the introduction of end-to-end process automation and then present a number of recommendations, both to the established financial services players and to the members of the software and IT services vendor community. 

Finally, this is all illustrated in practice with a case study of how Lloyds Banking Group has deployed and scaled Robotic Process Automation (RPA) throughout its business.

Read the report here: "Automation – Transforming Financial Service Majors".

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