Tuesday 12 March 2019

*HotViewsExtra* Q&A: Andy Isherwood, MD EMEA, Amazon Web Services

awsAfter 30 years at HP/HPE, Andy Isherwood left his role as Managing Director of EMEA to join Amazon Web Services in March 2018. Andy brings a wealth of experience to AWS, not least his years of work with large enterprise and Government customers, and his experience of managing people and large investments.

During Andy’s time at HP/HPE, the firm changed enormously, growing in size from $4bn to $130bn globally, making a variety of not insignificant acquisitions (including Compaq, EDS, 3Com, Palm, Autonomy), and ultimately divestments and a spin-merger. The pace of just about everything at AWS, however, is in contrast with what most in corporate life experience day-to-day. Putting it bluntly, Andy has joined a company that is not only growing at 47% per annum, but is doing so in spite of an annual run-rate of more than $30bn.

In this Q&A with Andy (his first with an industry analyst since starting his role), we learn a bit more about what it is like to be a leader in one of the industry’s most disruptive firms.

Read the piece here: Q&A: Andy Isherwood, MD EMEA, Amazon Web Services.

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