Monday 12 August 2019

*UKHOTVIEWSEXTRA* helpIT: matching digital data dots

logoThe recent fines served on BA and Marriott for failing to protect the personal data of EU citizens were a warning sign that the ICO is beginning to wield the power granted through GDPR. As we noted at the time (ICO fires data protection warning salvo), the scale of the breaches appeared to have a bearing on the size of the fines, which highlights the need for organisations to know their customer data to be able to rapidly detect and grasp the extent of any breach. That’s where data matching tools have a role to play. We caught up with Steve Tootill, CEO of data matching specialist and one of our early TechMarketView Little British Battler participants helpIT systems, to find out how the company is capitalising on the opportunity. 

logohelpIT is in the business of contact data matching, record linking and deduplication. Data security and the desire for tools to help present a single view of the customer - and by association help organisations experiencing a data breach get to grips with the scope - are raising the profile of this established but sometimes overlooked technology area. They are certainly factors driving helpIT’s growth. A more detailed assessment of helpIT and the role of data matching software in available here in HotViewsExtra. 

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