Friday 30 August 2019

*NEW RESEARCH* Enterprise Software Market Trends and Forecasts 2019

imageEnterprise Software is a critical enabler for organisations looking to digitally transform their businesses. And there’s no shortage of software, delivery models and suppliers to help bring digital strategies to fruition. So why is the UK enterprise software sector bumping along with low single digit growth?

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Its clear organisations recognise the need to invest in software to drive business change but are held back by the practicalities of how to implement and how to overcome the skills deficit. Market growth is also hampered by lessons from early software-enabled digital adventures and questions around the fitness of ‘version 1.0’ digital platforms and tools. There is also the ‘minor’ issue of bringing order to the digital chaos of those early digital projects. Add in the inexorable swing to SaaS and these are some of the factors acting as a brake on the market.

But there are market accelerators too. Organisations’ recognition of the value of (digital) data driven business is rising so the consideration is no longer ‘why’ but ‘how’, which brings the intricacies of change management and mastering interdependent relationships to the fore. And as software becomes ever more integral to areas like automation, cyber security and areas of ‘software-defined’ functionality, revenue is shifting from these sectors into software, opening up opportunities for savvy suppliers to outperform the enterprise software market. 

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