Friday 13 September 2019

An Evening of Relationships (Old and New)

picVery many thanks to all our clients and guests who joined us at our annual Evening with TechMarketView last night at the Royal Institute of British Architects. It was a fantastic success with one of the biggest turnouts we’ve had since we held our first event seven years ago.

We must give a very special thank you to our sponsors Intersystems, Datto, Aqilla and Kimble, whose support was instrumental in making the TMV Evening one of the ‘must attend’ events for executives in the UK tech industry, and of course ‘The Two Tina’s’ at tx2events who made it all happen.

We were also delighted to give a platform to Tara Leathers, Deputy CEO at The Prince’s Trust, which as many of you know is a cause to which TechMarketView is deeply committed. If you would like to find out more about the Trust’s good works, just drop a line to

Many thanks also go to Miguel Gamiño, Executive VP for Global Cities at Mastercard, who was interviewed on stage by TechMarketView’s Principal Analyst, Martin Courtney.

The theme of the event (and indeed TechMarketView’s theme for 2019) was The Year of the Relationship. Our Chief Analyst, Georgina O’Toole, and Chief Research Officer, Kate Hanaghan, brought the theme to life with their urgent call to action to tech suppliers to cultivate a wide ecosystem of relationships both within and beyond organisational boundaries if they are to succeed in today’s marketplace.

Georgina also used the occasion to launch TechMarketView’s theme for 2020, Digital Chaos, emphasising the need to create ‘islands of stability’ before contemplating a move to truly disruptive digital transformation. You’ll be hearing much more about Digital Chaos soon.

TechMarketView Managing Partner Anthony Miller closed the formal proceedings as only he can!

We’ll be sending the presentation slides to all attendees next week, and they will also be available for download by TechMarketView Subscription Service clients in due course.

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