Wednesday 04 September 2019

*NEW RESEARCH* Scaling innovation through partnering – Q&A with Dragonfly and Capita

Report coverA week ago, we covered the announcement that Capita’s start-up development unit, Capita Scaling Partner (CSP) had entered into a new partnership with visual analytics provider Dragonfly AI, and all with a little bit of help from TMV.

Capita and Dragonfly AI were brought together via the TechMarketView Innovation Partner Programme that we launched last year, the latest addition to our UK Tech SME programme series. The aim of the Programme has been to find innovative UK tech SMEs and help them partner with our large enterprise technology clients and, in doing so, help UK tech SMEs reach client markets that would normally be out of their reach – exactly as Dragonfly AI is doing with Capita.

Originally conceived at Queen Mary University of London, Dragonfly AI is a tool designed to help brands win the attention of consumers as they interact with marketing materials, ad content, products or even packaging. The particular pain point here is that consumers are becoming increasingly time poor, and with the world moving at an ever-faster pace, and as more and more (digital) content gets generated, it is becoming increasingly difficult for brands to get noticed. 

TIPPThe biggest challenge for small start-up businesses like Dragonfly AI, is despite however good your technology is, it can be hugely difficult getting in front of large potential clients at the necessary level of seniority. Capita’s client base contains many of the UK’s largest organisations and Dragonfly AI has expectations of using CSP as a shortcut to get in front of them. Capita is looking to use Dragonfly AI on it ‘B2B2C’ contracts in areas such as retail, telecoms and government.

Subsequent to the announcement we have spent some time interviewing the management teams of both CSP and Dragonfly AI to understand the deal in more detail and what both parties are hoping to get out of it. All UKHotViews recipients can read the output of the Q&A here.

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