Friday 18 October 2019

*UKHotViewsExtra* O'Connor and Trad3r look to change the rules

GianniFollowing the news earlier this week that UK startup, Trad3r, had successfully raised around £1.2m in new funding from a group of respected angel investors (see: Trad3r secures £1.2m cash boost), I caught up with the company’s charismatic young founder and CEO, Gianni O’Connor (pictured).

O’Connor is an extremely bright and enthusiastic individual with something of an infectious personality. In addition to his obvious energy and intellect, he is driven in part by altruistic sentiment, coupled with a healthy disrespect for the status quo. O’Connor hopes that Trad3r may help transform attitudes to financial services, both inside and outside of the established investment community.

The Trad3r app, which was launched in 2016, aims to broaden the appeal of trading to a wider audience by gamifying the stock market experience. Trad3r enables its users to gain their first experience of trading in an entertaining, low risk environment via innovative asset classes that are appealing to its target audience. As well as buying and selling traditional stocks, Trad3r enables users to trade other “virtual” commodities such as celebrities and footballers. Successful trading is rewarded with incentives such as points and prizes, as well as hard cash.

The 26-year old Londoner already has another successful startup under his belt, in the form of innovative free music streaming and social media app Micsu. O’Connor launched Micsu in 2013 whilst studying for a degree at Coventry University and first visualised the base code that was key to its success whilst sitting a mid-term exam. 

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