Thursday 31 October 2019

*New Research* Trade finance emerges as blockchain's new sweet spot

BlockchainIt's around a decade since blockchain first came to the attention of the mainstream IT community and many have spent the intervening years looking for a problem for blockchain to solve. Now in 2019, perspectives have matured considerably and the previous era of unbridled hype and unfulfilled expectation has meant that the “gold rush” of speculative projects is a thing of the past.

Despite the relative lack of noise in public, there has been a great deal of activity around blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) within the financial services industry of late. However, much of the recent development has effectively been going on “behind closed doors”. 

Whilst blockchain’s greatest, long term benefits, are likely to be realised when it is applied in conjunction with other transformational technologies, one area of the financial services value chain has come to the fore recently as a sweet spot for the application of this technology.

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Posted by Jon C Davies at '07:00'