Wednesday 01 July 2020

Share Indices - June 20 and YTD

My self-managed Holway Portfolio is divided into Tech and Non Tech holdings. The Holway Tech Portfolio is UP 26% YTD. The Non Tech Portfolio is DOWN 23% YTD. Fortunately my Tech portfolio is 4x bigger! Although when I started my own portfolio 20 years ago they were equal.

This is reflected in Share Indices YTD to end June. At the halfway point, NASDAQ is up 11.4% (another 6.5% rise in June alone) whereas the FTSE100, despite a ‘good June’ with a 1.5% rise, is down a massive 18.2% in 2020 YTD.

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COVID-19 still dominates sentiment. Undoubtedly some of tech has had ‘A very good COVID-19’ as the NASDAQ bull run indicates. But the US is in a very precarious state with new waves of infection and a President who clearly doesn’t understand the consequences of his inaction.

In the UK, many of the lockdown restrictions are eased on 4th July. Is this too soon? If a second wave then occurs, HVPthe sentiment will plummet. Conversely, even the Bank of England is suggesting that the UK might see a V-shaped recovery. With Prime Minister Johnson promising a ‘New Deal’ with increased infrastructure spend, tech could be a major beneficiary.

So I think we will see a continuation of the dichotomy of performance between ‘Tech’ and Non Tech’.

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Posted by Richard Holway at '09:04'