Friday 03 July 2020

*NEW RESEARCH* Mastering the Art of Practical Innovation

Report imageThe innovation lifecycle blends pain points and purpose, with a splash of serendipity, and the incentive to produce something that is both different and makes a positive difference to business and consumers. The challenge is building a framework to support ongoing innovation - from ideation through implementation to tangible business value - without stifling it. “Mastering the Art of Practical Innovation” explores how Atos approaches the task.

Across the tech sector, providers have assembled skills, capabilities and components to support customers’ innovation ambitions as they digitally transform their businesses. Investment is being directed towards services, products and IP around technologies such as IoT and edge computing, 3D printing and quantum computing, and new business model enablers such as industry data platforms. But there’s a difference between check-listing and melding capabilities together in a way that has a direct effect on the organisation implementing them and their consumers, whose experience is the ultimate arbiter of success. 

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