Tuesday 28 July 2020

*UKHotViewsExtra* - HCL sees an accelerated adoption of automation from Covid-19

HCLWe have written a number of pieces this year about how Covid-19 is accelerating the adoption of automation technologies in a range of end user industries. (See - Accelerating RPA adoption within the NHS as a recent example). We have also heard from the likes of EY that recent research with business leaders consistently points to businesses looking to ramp-up investment in automation as they prepare for a post-crisis world.

It’s becoming increasingly likely that one the of the biggest beneficiaries from changes to the workplace post-covid will be automation technologies. To date, automation has too often been deployed tactically and piecemeal, frequently struggling to scale and be adopted throughout an organisation. However, the need for cost reduction, speed, consistency, reducing physical contact are all likely to help drive up adoption rates.

As the focus shifts from cost reduction towards growth, the approach to automation technologies will have to become more strategic where the future of the workforce is a hybrid one – with a mixture of robots, humans, AI and intelligent automation all ultimately working together.

To understand what these trends look like in practice, I spent time recently with the automation team at HCL to get a feel for how their automation proposition is being deployed by clients, since the outbreak put so much pressure on organisations and demanded different ways of working, all in “double quick” time…read more here

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